zkSync makes Ethereum faster and cheaper. And it does not compromise security. You can use it to move your money quickly and securely. Here’s the good part; you can withdraw your assets to layer 1 with zkSync anytime you want.  

With zkSync, you get:

  1. Lower gas fees. Pay up to 1/100th of what you’d pay on the main Ethereum network. And even cheaper than using optimistic rollups.

  2. Faster transactions. You can do more than 2000 transactions per second (tps), compared to just 14 tps on the main network.

  3. Safety: Your transactions are protected by the big Ethereum blockchain.

  4. Easy transfers. Move your cryptocurrency between the main Ethereum network and Layer 2 quickly and smoothly.

  5. Freedom: You can always move your money back to the main Ethereum network whenever you want.

But you need a good wallet to access all the goodies within the zkSync ecosystem. Wallets help you buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency. They also let you explore DeFi and NFTs. You can’t use exchanges like Coinbase or Binance to access zkSync. So, here are some of the top zkSync wallets you should know.


We’ve talked about this wallet a lot. And that’s because it’s already a big deal within the gaming community. xRaise is a smart contract and gaming dedicated wallet. The team designed it with you, the user, in mind. This means the interface is pretty light. You can navigate through it even if you are a beginner.

You can also use xRaise in any zkSync ecosystem app. But here’s the good part: xRaise uses account abstraction. That’s a feature that allows you to interact with smart contracts without needing to manage your private keys. This offers better safety and flexibility.

xRaise, as previously mentioned, is ideal for gamers. It takes away the need to disrupt your game and sign in elsewhere. xRaise uses its session keys to resolve this. This session key allows you to sign transactions in advance. So, you can enjoy your game without interruptions from your wallet.

xRaise is safer than using Metamask. Plus, there’s a social recovery system to help you if you ever need to recover your wallet. You can set up and schedule payments for subscriptions or in-game purchases. You can also schedule payments, like payroll if you’re using it for managing your money.


BlockWallet is a super secure browser extension wallet that keeps your money private. It uses really strong privacy technology to keep your money safe. It makes it impossible for anyone to trace where your money came from. When you take your money out, BlockWallet gives you a new address that’s not linked to any of your past transactions.

Blockwallet provides top-notch privacy using two major methods:

  1. It supports a privacy-enhancing EVM chain.

  2. Provides IP address masking.

Blockwallet is best suited for users interested in privacy.


Rabby Wallet is a wallet that works with Ethereum. It is non-custodial. This means it doesn’t keep your money for you. It connects to all the same dApps as MetaMask, but it offers more than that. Here are some special features of this wallet:

It is a multi-chain. Right now, Rabby can connect to 44 different chains. The cool part is, that Rabby knows which chain to use automatically. You don’t have to switch chains yourself anymore. But if you want to, you can set it up to switch manually, but only for that one chain.

It allows you to see before you sign. This feature is awesome because Rabby shows you exactly what you’re signing. Most other wallets don’t do that. So, no more signing stuff you don’t get. It even shows you how your balance will change after the deal.

It’s our top Metamask substitute wallet.

The wallet checks if the deal is risky before you sign. Another awesome thing. Rabby looks at each deal before you say yes. It warns you if the deal might not work or if it’s not safe. It also tells you if the address was in trouble before. Plus, it tells you if the address isn’t even real on the chain.


Argent is a special wallet for Ethereum. It cares about keeping your money safe and being easy to use. It makes the smart contract abilities of Ethereum even better. With smart contract wallets like Argent, you can do cool things like recover your wallet without needing a seed phrase. You can also stop transfers to people or places you don’t trust.

Also, the launch of Argent X, made just for developers, is a big step forward. It’s the first wallet to work on the Starknet network. Argent Wallet doesn’t just stick to Ethereum’s main network. It also supports Layer 2 solutions like Starknet and zkSync. This means users can easily use different blockchain projects and apps. It gives more choices and access to the growing blockchain world.

These are some of the top zkSync wallets. You should only use wallets that suit your trading needs.

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