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People sometimes use the names Ripple and XRP in the same breath. It is thus no wonder that sometimes it can be confusing which is which. Simply put, Ripple (or Ripple Labs) is the enterprise software firm based on blockchain technology, while its cryptocurrency or native token is XRP.

CoinMarketCap ranks this cryptocurrency third behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. But when you consider that both the frontrunners are coins that come from mining, XRP assumes a pre-eminent position. It is thus the largest non-mineable cryptocurrency out there, both in terms of popularity and market cap.

It is interesting to note that when Ripple came into being in 2012, XRP did not have the value it has today. In fact, the original model was to give the token away to drive retail adoption. However, the focus shifted with the company strategy eventually became enabling the Internet of Value to solve the global cross-border payments problem. And with this, the value of the digital asset has also grown volumes.

In this segment, we cover news of XRP as Ripple coin reporting product releases, finance and funding, and crypto regulation. You will also find occasional Spotlight stories related to the cryptocurrency.