Singapore-based crypto exchange Bitrue has announced a new power piggy event for new users with up to 20% APR for XRP investors. New users are those who are yet to make an investment in power piggy. The XRP token has once again become a dominant player in the crypto market following last week’s ruling by a US federal court.

Several exchanges have relisted the XRP token. However, Bitrue provides the most lucrative spot for staking your XRP token. The Bitrue Power Piggy event provides an impressive annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 20% which is a perfect chance for investors to profit from their token.

XRP’s price has risen by over 50% since the court ruled that it was not a security. So, staking your XRP token on Bitrue is a strategy for those who have long-term plans for the token. Interestingly, there’s no lockup period for the XRP power piggy event. 

Bitrue and Ripple’s Long-Term Partnership

The XRP token is pretty popular on Bitrue. The crypto exchange’s faith in the XRP token could be traced to its belief in Ripple, the payment company behind the XRP token. Bitrue CSO Robert Quartly-Janerio once pointed Ripple’s longevity in the crypto space as one of its biggest strengths.

Ripple was launched in 2012 and has managed to weather several bear markets and legal problems with the most recent being a suit from the US SEC. Ripple and Bitrue struck a partnership in 2018 and have embarked on several collaborations since then.

Bitrue has often prioritized XRP in all of its features. It was the first exchange to offer a staking product, with XRP being one of the first coins that you could buy to stake. Interestingly, XRP was also the first cryptocurrency Bitrue made available for its loan service, yield farming, and futures services.

The Singapore-based exchange was also the first exchange to introduce support for PayString, an innovative method for simplifying XRP addresses into an email-like format. Moreover, Bitrue’s interest in XRP isn’t down to the latest ruling. Bitrue never delisted XRP, showing unwavering faith in the token.

So, Bitrue is the perfect spot to invest your XRP token without fears of external changes affecting your investment. 

Bitrue Launches a Reward Center Event

Bitrue recently launched a reward center event that rewards new users for their first deposit. The event is scheduled to run from 8:00 UTC, 4 July 2023 – 8:00 UTC, 15 Oct 2023. In addition, users who invite friends for registration can claim 10 USDT for each referral. You can find more details of the event here

Also, check Bitrue’s website to take part in the event and follow them on Twitter

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