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7 Tools to Do Safe Crypto Trading

7 Tools to Do Safe Crypto Trading

Getting in on crypto tokens can be a good way to make profits. We are all looking for coins that can give us a...

This is How Much Money I Made Copy Trading BTC & ETH for 19...

Let’s be honest. Who make the maximum profits in crypto? Early buyers? Day traders, Options traders? Who? The fact is that only professional traders...
The best AI tools

This Crypto AI Tool Will Elevate Your Trading Game for BETTER GAINS!!

DeFi aggregators find ways to get you the best price on tokens and gas fees. Enter KyberSwap. They are a next-gen DEX aggregator which...
NFT news may week 1

NFT News | NFT Slowdown in Trading Activity | May Week 1

Bitcoin's value rose to $28,921.37 during the week but it continues to be range bound between $29,000 and $30,000. %. The increase was brought...
crypto investing vs trading

Crypto Investing vs Trading

Crypto investing is something you do with a long-term plan in mind. On the other hand, crypto trading is to make a quick profit...
8 Ways to Stay Safe Trading Crypto

8 Ways to Stay Safe Trading Crypto

The most important thing to do when beginning to invest in cryptocurrencies is to practice safe trading. Many newcomers overlook this and end up...
cronos news august week 4

Cronos Updates | Crypto.com Reduces Trading Fees | Aug W 4

Every week, we bring Cronos Chain news and updates. This week, multiple releases from Cronos ecosystem projects come around the fourth week of August. This...
Futures and Margin Trading

Futures and Margin Trading In Cryptocurrency?

Investors in cryptocurrencies should comprehend the basic difference between margin and futures. Although there are some significant distinctions between trading margin and futures, there...
risk management

Why Is Risk Management Crucial In Trading?

Risk is the likelihood that something bad may happen in your strategies that will turn out differently than what you expected. The trading of...
Divergence Trading

Divergence Trading Guide 101: The Basics

Divergence is a pattern type that can be seen on cryptocurrency price charts that denotes a potential trend change. While hidden divergence is observed...