12 Gems Backed by Binance Labs to Watch – Part 1

Almost all of us in crypto are looking for projects that will do x100. There’s one place where you can find such potential projects. Take a look at who their backers are. If you find one or more big companies, you’re on to something.

For example, Binance Labs is such a company. So, let’s take a closer look at what Binance Labs brings to the table.

1) Tabi

You can find Tabi on the BNB chain. It’s an NFT marketplace. They are bridging Web2 to Web3. They want to achieve this through gameplay and NFTs. So, it’s also a gaming platform. They intend to bring digital ownership to a new level. For example, their NFTs have a more profound meaning. It should inspire you to discover a new world in the NFT space. Go out and find your own journey.

They raised $10 million in one funding round. Animoca Brands is one of the VCs that invested in Tabi. They are behind some big metaverse and blockchain games. For instance, The Sandbox, Benji Bananas, or REVV Motorsports.

2) Combo Network

Combo Network is active in the blockchain gaming industry. However, they offer a service, rather than games. They are a layer 2, so good scalability is one of their pillars. Currently, they have a time-limited “Cobee” free Mint IV Event on the new opBNB chain. You only need to complete a few tasks. For instance, join their Discord server. 

Combo Network wants developers and creators to be active on their platform. The platform already has its own COMBO token. They’re currently on their testnet. There’s also talk of a potential COMBO airdrop. Meanwhile, the Combo team managed to raise no less than $40 million.

3) DappOS

Dappos sees itself as the first intent-centric operating protocol. It’s a decentralized platform, but it offers a CeFi-like user experience. It’s currently part of the Manta Pacific 5-week Manta Fest. Not only that, but it’s one of the eight bridges you can use in this event.

Currently, dappOS is on their V2 net. Besides the BNB chain, you can also find dappOS on chains, like Polygon, Kava, Optimism, Ethereum, and Avalanche.

DappOS wants to make Dapps as user-friendly as your mobile apps. The platform saw audits performed by Certik, Trail of Bits, and Secure3. The team managed to raise an undisclosed amount of funding. However, the valuation of dappOS is now at $50 million. Investors are among others:

  • OKX Ventures.
  • HashKey Capital.
  • KuCoin Ventures.
  • Tron DAO Ventures.
  • Gate Labs.
  • Taihill Venture.
4) Xterio

Xterio offers free P2E games or free-to-play games. A group of game veterans leads the team. Their main focus will be on multiplayer games. They want to tap into the current pool of 3 billion gamers. 

With their gaming experience and background, they intend to offer exciting blockchain games. That’s the right thing to do and to move forward. A much-heard complaint about blockchain gaming is that games are boring and no fun. 

The team managed to raise $55 million. Some backers include, for example, Animoca Brands, Hashkey, and Makers Fund. This will go towards game development and AI integrations, among others. The following picture shows their ‘Age of Dino’ game.

5) Radiant Capital

Radiant Capital is the first omnichain lending protocol in DeFi. Their RDNT token was on fire this year, with 750% gains. The platform uses Layer Zero and Stargate. Layer Zero is an outstanding platform to qualify for a potential airdrop. The Stargate bridge can also qualify you for potential airdrops. All pending on which chain you use.

Radiant managed to get a $10 million investment from Binance Labs. We mentioned the RDNT token as one of the three top tokens in October in our recent video. Here’s a short introduction video to Radiant.

6) Neutron

Neutron is a platform that offers cross-chain smart contracts. It’s part of the Cosmos Hub, so, also part of the IBC. Neutron is one of the zones of the Cosmos. 

The platform raised $10 million. So, VCs included in this funding, are, for example, CoinFund, Delphi Digital, and Longhash. That’s besides Binance Labs.

7) KiloEx

As an extra bonus, we also cover KiloEx. It calls itself the next generation of user-friendly perpetual DEXes on the BNB Chain. They were also the first perp DEX live on the new opBNB chain. However, be careful when trading with leverage. You can gain good profits, but your losses can also be extensive. Make sure you understand leverage trading. Binance Labs invested an undisclosed amount in KiloEx.


In your hunt for finding the next x100 coin, follow the investors’ money. Binance Labs is well known for investing in projects that can do an x100. We compiled a list of 13 projects in which Binance Labs invested. This is Part 1. For a link to Part 2, see the beginning of this article.


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