3 Low Risk Insane Gain Altcoins for Crypto Bullrun

The biggest returns in crypto may be with coins that have high-risk levels. But that is not my cup of tea. I am one of those people who is happy with low-risk, and good gain-return investments. If you are also such a person, this video is for you. 

In this article, I am covering 3 low-risk altcoins and their expected potential in the coming bull run.

#1: Chainlink (LINK)

My first pick is LINK, the token of the leading oracle network, Chainlink. It’s trading at $7.65, and 85% lower than its all-time high, LINK is a steal at the moment. Why do I think so? It’s not just me, even the whales know it. Take a look at this whale accumulation chart from Santiment. In the past 4 weeks, LINK sharks and whales have accumulated LINK worth $192.2 Million. And that is something you, or I would say I could not ignore. 

But I wanted to make sure it’s not just another whale pump dump coin and is actually a low-risk investment coin. So I took a deeper look into Chainlink, once again. If you are someone who really likes to make educated decisions, stay here. Or you can use the time stamps below to find out what my next low-risk crypto pick is. 

Coming back to Link. So, Link is basically an oracle network. Oracles connect blockchain smart contracts with real-world data. You understand that’s crucial because the blockchain itself can’t communicate with the real world. But at the same time, we expect Dapps to provide us with accurate information. The information oracles provide can be anything, for example:

  • Sport results.
  • Weather information.
  • Crypto or stock prices.
  • Payment systems.
  • Dynamic NFTs, triggered by real-world events.
  • Flight data and much more.

Chainlink runs a Decentralized Oracle Network (DON). These combine a variety of independent oracle node operators. It also uses a variety of reliable data sources. Furthermore, Chainlink has three layers of decentralization. 

  1. At the data source.
  2. With Individual node operators. 
  3. Oracle network levels. 

This way it can eliminate single points of failure. This is, as you can imagine, an important feature. Add to this, that Chainlink starts to use zero-knowledge proof. So, you can see that oracles play an influential role. Chainlink is one of the biggest Oracle networks, if not the biggest.  Cross-chain also plays an essential part. As a result, we saw the Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) recently launched on 4 main nets. 

Chainlink recently expanded this to testnet for all chains. In other words, you can now send messages between any chain. With so much adoption, in my opinion, LINK is quite undervalued. So I expect a 7X the least in the next bull run. Make sure you do your own research before you make any investment decisions. Do share your insights with me.

#2: Singularity Net (AGIX)

My 2nd pick is SingularityNET and its AGIX token. To me, it seems currently to be the best AI coin around. The best part is, it seems to fit into all the categories we cover at AB. It is under $1, it is an AI GEM, it is an early opportunity, a high potential, and a low-risk investment.

It has the best ecosystem and community. At present, AGIX is trading at $0.2076 which is 78.11% lower than its ATH. What brought my attention back to AGIX is its latest ecosystem project, Sophiaverse. This proved to be the best IEO opportunity of last month. Its ATH ROI was 786%. If you want to know more about Sophiaverse, check out this video.

Coming back to Singularity Net. It wants to create an AGI or an Artificial General Intelligence. This should come in a decentralized, democratic, and inclusive form. Currently, AI can only solve single problems. In the future, it should solve any problem. Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. David Hanson co-founded this project back in 2017. Goertzel is the CEO and chief scientist. He’s been dabbling in AI since the mid-8-tees. Hanson founded Hanson Robotics. Together, they built Singularity and its launchpad for Dapps. They’re also keen on interoperability. So, that’s a solid team. AGIX has been doing very well.

During the last year, its price increased by no less than 287%. It has a market cap of $308 million. There’s a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. The total supply is 1.28 billion tokens. Out of these, 1.214 billion already circulate. That‘s a really good number in circulation. Because there are not many token releases left that could create a sell pressure and drag its price lower. Without any doubt, AGIX is going to the moon in the next bull run.

#3: Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin is all about decentralized storage, which is one of the hottest sectors because of all the rocket high fees of centralized cloud storage systems. So, basically, Filecoin is challenging big centralized players like AWS. 

Filecoin includes a vast network, of users. And its token, the FIL token, plays a crucial role in the network. It’s used to pay for storage. On the other hand, storage providers get paid in FIL. It’s also a governance token. Currently, FIL’s current price is $4.11. Its last ATH was $236. To get back there, it needs a x60. Well, I really doubt it will go as high as that. However, the project is for sure a low-risk investment with under 50X potential. 

So, Filecoin offers an efficient and cost-effective system. Because it uses blockchain technology, it also adds a security and integrity layer. The blockchain records and verifies each transaction. So, I see Filecoin as one of the leading decentralized storage options for the future. Better keep an eye out for it!

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