Following the smart money has always been a good strategy for gains. That’s true as well in the crypto space. So, who could be smarter than the largest exchange in crypto? Today, we’re going to take a look at the top 5 Binance Launchpad coins. Coins that could make a 10X in the near future. 

Before we begin, let’s recap what the Binance Launchpad is. As its name suggests, the launchpad helps projects to launch their token. Usually, Binance Launchpad will carry out Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). In short, this is similar to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) but done within an exchange. The purpose is to sell these tokens to the public.

With Binance Launchpad, you can be assured these tokens are safe. On top of that, Binance Launchpad doesn’t just help any project with an IEO. Such projects must have good potential to do well too! With that, let’s examine the top 5 Binance Launchpad coins in this Twitter thread.

Coin #1 – Maverick Protocol (Token: $MAV)

Maverick Protocol aims to be the infrastructure for the most liquid DeFi markets. To do this, it plans to leverage its unique Automated Market Maker (AMM). Simply put, AMM automates the concentration of liquidity as a crypto’s price moves.

So, Maverick is able to improve capital efficiency. This is important for large DeFi markets. To add on, Maverick reduces the costs of adjusting positions in Liquidity Pools (LPs). Liquidity providers need not pay gas fees to adjust the liquidity since Maverick does it on auto mode.

But, it’s not all about optimization with Maverick. You could also make bets on the price of a single asset within LPs. This is possible with Maverick’s single-sided liquidity strategies. To learn more, do check out what Maverick offers! Head on to their Decentralized Application (dApp) here. As with many projects, Maverick has its own native token, $MAV. Its use cases include:

  • Staking,
  • Governance and Voting.
  • Boosting your LP return.

Coin #2 – Radiant Capital (Token: $RDNT)

Radiant Capital is a lending protocol on Arbitrum and the BNB chain. You can deposit assets on Radiant for a return as a lender. With collateral on Radiant, you can also borrow assets at a small cost. With Radiant, you can borrow and use assets all while maintaining your initial capital.

Top 5 Binance Launchpad coins - Radiant
Source: Radiant Capital

LayerZero is the underlying protocol powering Radiant. Thus, Radiant has cross-chain features. This means you can supply collateral on one chain, and take out loans in another. That’s a feature that no other lending protocol has!

Top 5 Binance Launchpad coins - Radiant 1
Source: DeFiLlama

Radiant has been increasing its adoption well in the DeFi space. Its Total Value Locked (TVL) has been moving upwards since the beginning of 2023. This represents the DeFi market’s interest and trust in the project.

So, it seems like Radiant’s got the tech and the adoption. But what does its native $RDNT token do? For starters, it can:

  • Interoperate with other chains. $RDNT is an Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT). This allows $RDNT to be compatible with multiple chains.
  • Act as a reward token. $RDNT emissions incentivize liquidity providers and ecosystem participants.
  • Allow its owner to participate in voting and governance. By locking $RDNT, you can participate in the Radiant DAO. Here, you can vote on proposals that will decide the project’s future.

Coin #3 – Stepn (Token: $GMT)

Stepn is a move-to-earn game. Back in early 2022, Stepn was all the rage. Many people were buying NFT sneakers. By owning these, you’ll receive rewards for running and keeping fit.

With its native token $GMT, you can buy sneakers to kick-start your running journey. You can also use $GMT for exclusive items. Or, you could use $GMT to rename or level up your sneakers. Since Stepn is a gaming, NFT, and lifestyle app, $GMT has many in-game use cases. Lastly, $GMT is a governance token. Thus, its stakers can make decisions for proposals on the Stepn project.

Coin #4 – Arkham (Token: $ARKM)

Arkham aims to build an intelligence platform. In other words, it’s developing an on-chain intelligence exchange. On this exchange, blockchain data is the product being traded. With its intel exchange, Arkham reduces the inaccuracy of information.

Here, users who provide information for earnings need to stake an initial amount of $ARKM. Let’s assume he or she submits some wrong info. His or her initial stake will get slashed by the exchange. Hence, they’re deterred from providing wrong info on the exchange. Aside from staking, $ARKM has two other main use cases. These are:

  • Governance and voting.
  • Acting as the utility token in the Arkham ecosystem. To put it simply, $ARKM is the gas token. Users need $ARKM to access dApps on the network. This includes the intel exchange.

Coin #5 – Hashflow (Token: $HFT)

Hashflow is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Users can swap coins on said DEX with no 3rd party interference. On top of that, Hashflow has the following unique features:

  • Cross-chain trading. Users can swap tokens across chains with Hashflow.
  • Low trading costs. Hashflow does not charge any trading commissions. It has a very low slippage and prevents front-running of trades.

Like the other 4 coins, Hashflow has its own native token, $HFT. You can use $HFT for governance and voting for the project’s future. In addition, you can stake your $HFT for a healthy return. By staking, you gain access to the Hashverse. In this storyverse-style DAO, you can go on quests and level up your character. It’s like a DAO and an RPG game combined into one.


Voila! That brings the top 5 Binance Launchpad coins list to an end. Today, we’ve gone through 5 tokens with good price potential. Each of these projects has very different use cases. Now, which of these projects do you think you’ll use more often than others? Which token suits your investment strategy? Try their products out and decide for yourself!

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