If you’re in crypto, you are most likely looking for a project that does x50 or even x100. In general, you will need to do research to find such projects. However, there’s also another way of finding them. It still requires a bit of research, but different than you may expect. 

Here are 6 projects in which VCs have put part of their funds in. Now they’re waiting for the next bull run to come along, so they can see that x100 in real life.

1) Astria

Astria is a decentralized platform by default. So, that sounds promising. It’s a shared sequencer network. A sequencer is a full node that sits on a Layer 2 solution. They make sure that user transactions get submitted to Layer 1. For instance, Ethereum. For this, they use a Shared Sequencer Network

This network powers rollups and makes sure that the block confirmations are fast. Because it’s censorship-resistant, only a decentralized network can provide this. It works in the Celestia ecosystem, an L2 on Ethereum. Astria raised $5.5 million to date from VC investments. The picture below shows the difference between rollups on centralized and decentralized sequencers.

Bull run

Source: Astria blog

2) Dolomite

Dolomite is a DEX that offers lending and borrowing opportunities. It’s built on Arbitrum. Dolomite offers new ways to unlock dormant capital. It offers various integrations all over the DeFi space. However, before you can use Dolomite, you need to bridge your assets from Ethereum to Arbitrum. This is easy with the bridge option on their UI.

If you want to use Dolomite, it’s best to read through their Desktop Quick-start Guide. It has an easy-to-understand and comprehensive explanation of how to start. This guide also explains what the protocol has to offer. To date, it raised $2.5 million.

3) Pudgy Penguins

The Pudgy Penguins are an NFT project. It’s a collection of 8,888 cubby cartoonish penguins. Luca Netz is their creator. However, it’s not only an NFT collection but also a brand. For example, the Pudgy Penguins brand produces:

  • Content.
  • Merchandise.
  • Toys, which you can buy on Amazon.
  • NFTs.

Their success comes from Luca’s background in e-commerce and marketing. Their current floor is at 4.13 ETH or $7553. That’s in their own marketplace. Their ATH was at $11.4k in April 2022. They’ve already been around since July 2021. The project already raised $9 million.

4) Get Protocol

Get Protocol uses blockchain technology for ticket sales and control during events. For example, it eliminates secondary markets. Or, it gives control over the secondary market. In other words, no more room for ticket scalping or touting.

It’s one of the two projects with a token in today’s list. The token is their native and a utility token. GET means ‘guaranteed entrance token’, and for events, these are NFTs. After an event, they can become collectibles. GET worked already with over 420 artists and organizers. It’s a well-thought-out project with great potential. The team raised $4.5 million to date.

5) Alkimiya Protocol

Alkimiya Protocol is for miners and staking validators. It allows them to lock in upfront revenue. With this, they can then fund future production. It backs this with hash power. So, projects can hedge against uncertainties and volatility of the crypto space.

To get a good idea of what Alkimiya exactly does, here’s a good explanation in their blog post. It’s too complicated to explain in only a few words. Nonetheless, their team managed to raise $7.2 million. Below is a picture that gives an idea about how Alkimiya’s products work.

Bull run

Source: Alkimiya blog

6) Treasure DAO

Treasure is a decentralized gaming ecosystem, or also considered a decentralized game publisher. In other words, It connects games and players. For this, it uses the ‘MAGIC’ of play. It’s the second project in today’s list with a token, besides GET Protocol. Their token is MAGIC.

The gaming market is set to explode during the next bull run. Treasure is a good pick since it’s a gaming publisher and not one single game. Their user numbers are already in the tens of thousands. Adding more games means more users. This should have a positive effect on the MAGIC token. To date, the team raised $3 million.


Being early in crypto can reap great benefits. If you get into a project early enough, it can easily do an x50 or even an x100. That’s why we looked at 6 projects with great potential during the upcoming bull run.

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