3 MOONSHOT Crypto Airdrops | Celestia TIA Ecosystem

The Cosmos ecosystem is on fire. Celestia started this dance. Since that drop, there were plenty of other options to claim more airdrops.

Celestia ($TIA) has been pumping since its airdrop back in November, having already done an 8x. There are plenty of protocols on Celestia, without a token but ready to airdrop. And these have moonshot potential due to the Celestia hype. So, follow me, and I will show you how to qualify for some of these airdrops in the Celestia ecosystem.

1) Staking TIA

Well, by far the easiest way to get TIA ecosystem airdrops is to stake TIA. The process of doing so is straightforward:

  • Buy TIA on an exchange.
  • Send the TIA to your wallet. You have a couple of choices,
  • Look for a validator. The wallets will show you Celestia validators. You can also visit the Keplr browser extension.
  • Pick one that’s outside the top 20. 
  • Don’t use CEX validators, since you don’t qualify for any airdrops. 
  • Max validator fee should not exceed 5%.
  • Check the amount you want to stake, and make sure to keep a small amount of TIA to pay for gas fees.

The current APR is around 16%. For example, staking only 1 $TIA qualified you for the DYM airdrop. Dymension took the snapshot on 19th December 2023. Currently, there are 4 confirmed airdrops for TIA stakers.

  1. $MILK — MilkyWay, more on this shortly.
  2. $DYM — Dymension
  3. $MOV — By Movement Labs, another modular blockchain, like Celestia.
  4. $DOKI — A meme coin.

There are also rumors that you may get a $MANTA airdrop since the Manta Network runs on Celestia. So, these are all rewards for just staking TIA. Let’s see what other options are available.

2) MilkyWay

MilkyWay is a liquid staking platform on Osmosis. However, they also offer liquid staking for Celestia. They cater to the modular setup of Celestia. So, why not take advantage of that?  If you complete the MilkyWay tasks, there’s more! There’s a $MILK airdrop in the making. By staking TIA, you will receive milkTIA. This is how it works:

  • Make sure to have some TIA in your wallet. You need this to pay for gas fees.
  • Connect your wallet to the MilkyWay app.
  • Choose the amount of TIA you want to stake.
  • You will receive milkTIA, but not at a 1:1 ratio.
  • The rewards have automatic compounding. 
  • You’re done, you qualify for the $MILK airdrop.

However, you can also use milkTIA in DeFi. For example, for liquidity, trading, or as collateral. These tasks are not needed for the airdrop, but they can generate more yield on your milkTIA. 

One task is on Quasar, but that vault is already full to max cap. You can visit Demex and deposit and lend on this platform. However, this also has a lending cap of 750,000 milkTIA. Join their Zealy campaign and join their Discord server.

3) Berachain

Berachain is an L1 chain on Cosmos. Its focus is on DeFi, and it’s EVM compatible. That’s already a good start since it opens the door to all EVM DeFi options. Their goal is to let users stake tokens. At the same time, it wants to provide liquidity for DeFi protocols.

The team already managed to raise $42 million. Backers are, among others, Polychain Capital, Hack VC, and Shima Capital. So, this is an interesting background. It’s also a good foundation for a potential airdrop. Berachain will have 3 tokens:

  • $BERA — used for gas payments. 
  • $HONEY — a stablecoin with its backing. 
  • $BGT — their governance token.

So, here are ways to qualify for their airdrop:

  • Use an EVM wallet for their faucet and request testnet tokens. These are BERA. Within 2 minutes, you should receive the testnet tokens in your wallet. Now you can use the BERA tokens to get various other tokens on their DEX. 
  • Your wallet will ask you to add the Berachain to your wallet.
  • Swap a good amount of BERA on their DEX. Swap various assets.
  • Create a pool and provide liquidity. 
  • Open a perp position and close it again.
  • Visit their vaults and deposit $HONEY tokens.

There are two Galxe tasks you can perform (1 & 2)

4) Other Options

These are the in-depth airdrop options I have for you. However, more protocols could have a potential airdrop. Here’s a short list, find the links below in the description.

  • Altlayer – Restaking with rollups. The second wave of airdrops should include TIA stakers.
  • Saga — a Web3 scalability protocol. The snapshot was taken on 12th January. You needed to stake a minimum of 23 TIA. A season 2 airdrop is in the making for $SAGA.
  • Hyperlane — A permissionless interoperability layer connecting the modular world. Stake TIA on any validator. Ideally outside the top 20. Get the $HYPR token.
  • Fuel — The world’s fastest modular execution layer. Stake TIA for $FUEL.
  • U Protocol — A Bitcoin modular layer 3. Stake TIA for their $YOU token.

So, as you can see, Celestia offers plenty of opportunities. Let me know what your favorite Celestia protocol is.

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