5 Crypto Market CRASH GEMS | 90% Discount Altcoins

The US SEC has crypto in its sights. 2 huge lawsuits in a week. Binance and Coinbase. Many tokens delisting from Binance.US. Yet Bitcoin and Ethereum are having a very little reaction to this. Altcoins, on the other hand, got crushed. Some tokens are back down 90% from their all-time highs

And that means some projects we love just got a better buy-in price. Which GREAT crash gems projects have been beaten down to an irresistible buy price? Check out our 5 choices.

Coin 1: Fetch.ai

We’ve talked about Fetch a lot when covering our favorite AI projects. Fetch uses both AI and machine learning so its bots (agents) can learn. This means they don’t need a central figure like ChatGPT has with OpenAI. OpenAI is storing all that data they are learning about you with each prompt you give it. And who knows how they will use it?

fetch wallet review

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With Fetch, you can use an existing agent or create one of your own for the tasks you want to automate. And when you do, you pay in $FET.

How Much Off of ATH?

The $FET token hit its all-time high of $1.17 in September 2021. Again at or near the bull market top. Down 80% since then, the $FET token currently trades for 23.1 cents. So a simple little 3x gets us back to the all-time high again.

And Fetch and other quality AI tokens are not likely to stop being an important crypto story in the coming years.

fetch review

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Coin 2: Oasis

Oasis is a leader in one of our favorite narratives. Privacy. Not surprisingly, if this is the beginning of a real crackdown, then Americans specifically will be more interested in privacy.

And it won’t just be Americans that want privacy. Of our favorite privacy picks, Oasis is one of the best opportunities for privacy.

oasis protocol review

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How Much Off of ATH?

Oasis is one of the best privacy picks due to how far down it is from its all-time high. Unlike some other favorites like Secret or Aleph Zero, Oasis is down 91% from its all-time high in January 2022 of 59.7 cents. Now, it’s currently at 4.99 cents. So that would be an enormous ROI of more than 10x just to get back to the old high.

And it can grow further from there. The current market value of ROSE is $250 million and no reason it can’t 100x to be a $25 billion project given its work trying to bring privacy to EVM apps.

oasis network DAO

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Coin 3: Morpheus

Third today, we have the Morpheus Network. Morpheus brings blockchain and the supply chain together. Some of their key integrations to help Morpheus bring blockchain to the supply chain industry are:

  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • Salesforce.com
  • Oracle
  • Ripple for blockchain settlement.

morpheus network review

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We are watching closely to see if the global supply chain can be automated using blockchain.

How Much Off of ATH?

Morpheus’s token hit its all-time high of $5.46 back in November 2021. I know you remember that time. That was the top of the last bull market. Do you follow any AI coins attached to specific industries like Morpheus for the supply chain? Let us know what AI coins you like the in comments below.

morpheus review

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Coin 4: ORDI

$ORDI is the first and biggest BRC-20 token project. Ordinals allow people to easily inscribe their image onto a satoshi instead of having to be more technical.

People don’t have to think about things like running their own node or confirming the inscription is on the correct satoshi. Plus, now the process is easier for those with collections like the famous DeGods to post a collection on Bitcoin too.

ORDI tokens review

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Plus, if the SEC really cracks down on crypto, then ALL activity in and around Bitcoin will increase. It’s the only one they’ve said 100% is a commodity and not a security.

How Much Off of ATH?

About a month ago, $ORDI hit its all-time high of $28.52. That’s a lot of action in a month since it’s now down to $7.57. So that’s a sweet 3x to get back to that old high.

Plus if you believe in Ordinals or NFTs on Bitcoin, then this is the flagship coin for you to get to support that belief.

ordi review

Source: Twitter
Coin 5: Astar

Astar is a big project on Polkadot. As many of you know by now, Polkadot is about interoperability. Working between many chains.

Astar works towards this goal of interoperability by trying to bring WASM chains to Polkadot. WASM, which is Web Assembly, and used most often on Cosmos is the 2nd most popular compatibility system.

astar review

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While Ethereum’s EVM is by far the most popular, WASM is gaining ground. Chains and protocols that are working to move any asset on any chain will need both.

And Astar is the leader in bringing WASM to DOT.

How Much Off of ATH?

Astar’s token hit its all-time high of 42 cents in January 2022. Just a little over a year ago. Today, it’s trading at 4.1 cents. Again, we have a 10x opportunity just to get back to the old highs of not that long ago.

astar stats review

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Highs we think we can reclaim in a new bull market.

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