5 White Hot SOLANA Crypto Airdrops - Qualify NOW For Huge Gains

Solana is on fire and the Solana summer v2.0 already started. Today, SOL hit $60 again, and during the last 30 days, it was up by 333%. Its TVL also went up by 110% during the last 30 days. That’s despite all the trouble the project went through with FTX and Alameda. 

Now, what many people don’t realize, is that Solana has an extensive ecosystem. And here is the kicker, in that ecosystem, there are plenty of projects that don’t have a token yet. In other words, there’s a lot of potential for airdrops. So, let’s dive in.

1) Phantom (FTM)

If you want to become active in the Solana ecosystem, you need a wallet. Phantom is the most popular Solana wallet, with well over 3 million users. So, if you don’t have a Solana-compatible wallet yet, this may be your best pick. Set up your Phantom Wallet. You can do this on Firefox, Chrome, Brave, or Edge. It’s also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Now, if there’s going to be a Phantom token, get active with your Phantom wallet. 

  • Swap tokens in your Phantom: This may also qualify you for a potential Jupiter aggregator airdrop. 
  • You also want to join Drip Haus. This platform delivers between 7-8 free daily art NFT drops. This gives you excellent activity in your wallet. One person can use this invite Dw8KDEmU for Drip Haus.

Furthermore, you can buy NFTs on Tensor or Magic Eden. These are the two leading NFT marketplaces on Solana. More on them shortly.

2) Jito

Jito offers liquid staking. The Jito team is planning to launch a governance token with a 10% airdrop. (90 m JTO tokens) Jito built a platform that handles the negative impact of MEV. That’s the maximum extractable value. Simply, that’s the running order of transactions. Miners or validators can change this order, to maximize their profit. 

So, Jito found a solution to this. As a result, many big and small validators on Solana use Jito. It helps them to get the most benefits out of MEV. However, that’s with minimizing the negative impact it may have on users and apps. So, Jito maximizes the performance of the Solana blockchain. Now, for staking, Jito offers currently 6.88% APY. What you can do to qualify for a potential airdrop is the following:

  • Stake SOL as jitoSOL on Jito.
  • Hold JitoSOL in your wallet. This way, you earn 1 point per day for each JitoSOL.
  • Got to other DeFi protocols and deposited JitoSOL into LPs. Now you earn 2 points per JitoSOL daily.
  • Use Jito’s referral program.

The Jito airdrop already took place.

3) MarginFi

MarginFi is a lending and borrowing protocol. It has the third-highest TVL in the Solana ecosystem. By the way, the second is Jito, which I just discussed. But MarginFi offers more. For example:

  • Liquid staking with a 7.67% APY for your SOL.
  • Swap powered by Jupiter. So, a potential to earn for their airdrop.
  • Bridge is available for five other chains.
  • Earn, by locking up assets for 6 months with a minimum APY of 10%.
  • Points, the more active you are, the more points you earn. You can earn points in three ways. By lending, borrowing, and with referrals. These points are the best option to earn a potential airdrop. So, start lending your SOL. Or, borrow SOL. 

For each dollar you lend, you get 1 point per day. However, for each dollar you borrow, you receive 4 points per day. The referrals work on a % base of what referred users earn.

4) Tensor

Tensor is one of the leading NFT marketplaces on Solana. It’s a great place to pick up missing pieces in your Drip Haus collection. However, how much I love Drip Haus, you will earn Tensor’s points by trading in their top 100 collections. Tensor has a point reward system, like Blur. So, be active on the platform, and trade. You can also get points with referrals. You need to stake NFTs from their Tensorian collection. 

However, the floor of this collection is currently at 59 SOL. That’s at current rates, around $3,600. How much I would like to have one, it’s a bit out of my budget. They give plenty of benefits, though, and you can stake them. This increases your benefits even more.

In a week or so, you can also buy Solana inscription NFTs. That means that the NFTs store the images on-chain. So, to qualify for a potential airdrop, visit the platform, be active and earn points.

5) Magic Eden

Magic Eden is the leading NFT marketplace on Solana. It started on Solana. However, nowadays, it also hosts the Polygon, Ethereum, and Bitcoin networks. Rumors of a Magic Eden token have been around for a long while. They raised $160 million. So, to make a chance to get in this potential airdrop, trade NFTs. That goes without saying. However, there are other options available as well.

Upgrade your level. The more you trade during a month, the higher your level and the more discount on trading fees you receive. Take part in quests. For example:

  • By collecting daily diamonds. Here you can also achieve a multiplier, the highest being 2x.
  • List NFTs or bid on NFTs. Each sold listing, and accepted bid, earns you 8 diamonds.
  • Set up your profile. This earns you 50 diamonds and is a one-time task.

You can also use a combined airdrop protocol strategy. Take a look at this X thread. Other potential airdrops in Solana could come from:

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