50X Crypto: Top 4 Altcoins for the BTC Bull Run

Listen up. The next bull run is gonna come soon. Leading altcoins have already started to rally. This is the perfect time to start accumulating coins that make that 50x—100x jump. But I also would like to clarify something.  

So, when I say 50x-100x, I mean the peak market cap these coins can reach. So, be aware, that is not the coin price. Because, right now, I can’t account for inflation. The 4 altcoin I’m going to discuss all have a market cap below $50 million. At the end of my list, I will share the 2 most important tips to make maximum and low-risk gains around these coins. Let’s dive in.

1) Chainge – Potential 40x crypto

So, the first altcoin I’m going to talk about is Chainge. They are a  cross-chain aggregated DEX. A one-in-all mobile-only wallet. Of course, non-custodial. This means that you are responsible for the private keys. In other words, you have control over your digital assets.

I told you already plenty of times that cross-chain will be the future of blockchain. Well, Chainge allows you to send, receive, and swap on 24 different chains. This also includes non-EVM chains. But that’s not all, they offer more, for example:

  • Margin Lending
  • Staking
  • Earn program
  • Options DEX
  • Futures 
  • Escrow services
  • DEX Aggregator 

Currently, their app has over 100K downloads. Their CHNG token also has good utility. You can use it for governance and pay gas fees across all supported chains. The token is also deflationary. I like that a lot, and this is usually a good sign. Chainge Finance buys back the token using 25% of their profits and burns them on a regular basis.

Their CEO has a strong DeFi and tech background. But my research team couldn’t find much info on the rest of the team. However, DJ Qian has extensive IBM experience and is CEO of BITSE (founded Vechain and Qtum). He is also the CEO of the FUSION chain foundation and one of Anyswap’s co-founders. You may know Anyswap better as Multichain, another cross-chain protocol. 

Partnerships are forming. For instance, GMX recently became a partner. They also keep adding new tokens to their platform. The team is active on social media platforms, like Twitter, and their blog on Medium.

The price of the CHNG token is $0.0918 with a market cap of $40.5 million. Out of a max supply of 814.6 million tokens, 440 million already circulate. That’s a good 50%. Over the last 1 year days, the token went up by 145%. With an ATH of $0.2, things are looking good for CHNG.

A token to keep an eye out on. What do you think? Will CHNG do 50x or 100x? Let me know in the comments. And we go to my next pick, the Rejuve.AI token RJV with 50X Potential

2) RJV –  50x Crypto

Our second altcoin is Rejuve is an AI-powered decentralized longevity network developed by AI leader SingularityNet with a good mission statement to extend healthy human life. This project is a decentralized ecosystem and membership network. It enables users to monetize their models, data, and research. This makes them access to the most accurate and comprehensive model and dataset for longevity research.

rejuve review

Source: Twitter

It starts with the Longevity mobile app, which allows people from all over the world to contribute health data to receive personalized insights and recommendations, and also to build a live interactive longevity research database. Clinicians and health product vendors list their products and services in the in-app Rewards Store to increase their exposure and provide Rejuve network members easier access to ways to improve their health and longevity and generate more data to contribute in exchange for more rewards.

Data scientists, AI scientists, and researchers submit their models that turn the growing database into support for theories in a crowdsourced, consensus model of the human body. Researchers will be able to request data and usage of the crowdsourced model as well as native AI services via a web portal, to construct new theories and models for longevity that they can also submit to the crowdsourced model to lead to the discovery and development of new therapies.

The currency of the network is the RJV token, which can be earned by data and AI modelers in exchange for their contributions. These tokens can be redeemed for exclusive discounts on wearables, medical tests, consultations, and the latest longevity therapies and health supplements. The Rejuve.AI Data NFT allows contributors to keep track of their data permissions and also serves as a decentralized ID, marking them as the owner of their data and model contributions. 


Source: Twitter

Rejuve.AI utilizes fractionalized Product NFTs and AI to track the level of contribution of contributed models and data, and to reward the contributors proportionally, granting partial ownership of newly incepted products. This creates an everlasting link between their original contribution and that product throughout its life cycle. These NFTs will enable truly decentralized collaborative science research endeavors.

3) Lukso – 20X Potential Crypto

Our 3rd altcoin today is Lukso. You know we already believe in this one as it’s in our Master Portfolio. So, Lukso is a blockchain and metaverse for creators. So NFTs, physical projects, and other creative pursuits are the focus here.

lukso review

Source: Twitter

But their goals extend way beyond animal pictures. They are working on universal profiles and digital identity too. So, if you are already a fan, or think you might become one, then you want to check out Universal Page. It’s an NFT marketplace on Lukso and they are going to have a HUGE airdrop that you can qualify for right now.

Lukso’s $LYXE token trades at $9.26 with a current market cap of $144 million.

4) Myria  – Potential 10X crypto

Our last altcoin is Myria, It is a layer 2 chain built on top of Ethereum. It’s all about blockchain gaming. This goes, of course, hand in hand with NFTs. As you may know by now, layer 2 offers fast transactions and low gas fees. Exactly what you need in gaming.

myria web3 games

Source: Twitter

They offer developers and user-based products. All their products are game centered. For example, there are:

  • Myria developer SDK or a software development kit.
  • Myria Wallet, which is an EVM-compatible wallet will host. For example, a MetaMask or Rabby Wallet.
  • NFT marketplace.
  • Plenty of blockchain-based games. Currently, offering well over 160 games.

Myria uses Zero-Knowledge Rollup technology. This allows for a high transaction per second number or TPS. They can handle 9,000 TPS. 5 For this, they use StarkWare’s technology. They offer secure, trustless, and scalable solutions.

myria token

Source: Twitter

This project also has some good backers and partners. For example:

  • Marvel
  • Tencent
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Ubisoft
  • EA
  • Riot Games

The MYRIA token was launched in the bear market just 3 months back.

2 Important Tips

However, playing for a 50x is a higher risk than making some 2x, 3x, or 10x. You never know which coin will do 50x or 100x. So here are my two tips to maximize your chances of making 50X:

  • Tip #1: Take 3, 6 months, 1 year, or 1 bear market investments rather than betting on a coin.
  • Tip #2: If you are betting on a single coin, it is better to do DCA rather than take a single entry.

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