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Imagine a play-to-earn game that’s actually fun to play for free, where you can choose to be good, evil, in-between, or a little slippery between stages. In CyberTrade, you can build and take over a city in the metaverse or you can be the one that prevents someone else from taking over your city.

Add some amazing graphics and an experienced game development team, and then you have what we think could be a 10x winner. In this article, you will discover everything about CyberTrade and how you can start getting involved.

What is CyberTrade?

CyberTrade is a free-to-play P2E game built on the BSC set in the futuristic city of Metropolit in 2101. In this game, you need to dominate the city which is converted into a metaverse. According to its website, there are already 191,957 pre-registrered members.

REASON #1: Early Adopters Have More Benefits 

We know you like getting into games early and it’s hard to get in earlier than this. Therefore, the IGO on Seedify started earlier this week at prices of 5 cents and 7 cents and they are doing a $5000 CCash giveaway right now.

And to help give you even another chance to get in right away, Polkastarter is doing a whitelist giveaway where they are giving 3 spots to new investors.

REASON #2: Experienced Team

QORPO is the game designer, which has an experienced team. This team is an international company focusing on connecting gaming with cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Also, QORPO is one of Central Europe’s leaders in the metaverse. They are working on building in the NFT universe with 3 live products — Trade Race Manager 2, QORPO Wallet, and QORPO Market. 

Do check out our Trade Racer Manager guide that claims you can make $200 per day by just playing the game.  It got rave reviews.

So what you get with this new game is a team that already knows how to build games. And they learned from their experiences, and most importantly their mistakes, the first time around.

Reason #3: Fun and With Amazing Graphics

Lots of people think the “Play to Earn” feature has taken the fun out of gaming. We like to think that you can earn from playing a game and the game can be fun too. In this case, QORPO has worked to provide very well graphics of their Metaverse.

And while you interact with the Metaverse, you become a crypto citizen whereas as a citizen of Metropolit, you can participate in:

  • Governance
  • Citadels
  • Purge and Rugpull Zone
  • Use the Portal.

Also, you only need 1 character to start playing this game. Therefore, the portal feature gives you access to the NFTs you need to buy.

The game has 10 zones you can play in once you achieve a Citizen Rank. And that Purge thing we mentioned above, that’s where anything goes. You can steal, loot, and kill whoever you want in that district, but of course, they can do that to you too.

More About CyberTrade

In other words, CyberTrade is a futuristic Gotham. It’s a dystopia where the city is run by huge corporations, and the tasks you perform and the rewards you earn are all in the in-game currency, CyberCash $CCASH.

$CCASH allows you to buy and sell everything in the metaverse. The Portal feature allows you to bring over an existing Gaming NFT so you can try the game for free before committing. Also, you will have staking opportunities that give you the chance to earn more money and increase your rewards when you play.

In our discussions with the team leadership, they freely admit their biggest competitive advantage is the graphic design of their game. They believe it will make the game addictive enough, in a good way, that players will want to return. Players will keep building their stack of CCASH for game benefits instead of having to find a new game that captures their interest.

It looks like the team might be right, 250,000 people have already signed up to start playing the game when it’s ready.

REASON #4: Great Partners

Having quality partners and lead investors is vital in a new project. They know that great investments need patience and give an investment like a game like CyberTrade the time to build its community to make it grow.

Some of those partners include Binance Smart Chain, Momentum 6, Maven Capital, VBC Ventures, and more. These along with the 2 quality launchpads of Seedify and Polkastarter are a sign that quality sees quality.

REASON #5: Built on The Binance Smart Chain.

Have you seen what’s going on with Solana? The network has gone down for at least 48 hours once each of the last 3 months. It’s a persistent problem for them. Say what you want about BSC. We know Binance has too much of a centralized influence on it with only 21 validators, but, it never has any uptime issues and it’s easy to run a game on it. 

Also, we think it’s a smart choice and others should be running on BSC too. Add to that a game can create a coin for both BEP-20 and ERC-20 standards and that just makes it easier to buy, As CyberTrade is doing with $CCASH.

Reason # 6: They Have a Burn Program.

Did you know that 12.5% of all external sales in the marketplace and the metaverse lands will be burned? Also, 25% of all in-game sales will be burned too. Cybertrade will be doing buybacks too.

Reason #7:  Many Chances to Earn CCASH

As we’ve already mentioned, you can earn by Staking CCASH. Also, you can earn by:

  • Drag Racing
  • Fighting
  • Charging Rents for use of your building or land
  • Daily Activities
  • Quests
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Mining NFTs
  • Governance Rewards
  • And even an affiliate program

Finally, there are many ways to earn CCASH, and it could easily grow as game popularity grows.


And that’s CyberTrade, a fun, action-packed game with great graphics. This game has lots of ways to earn their in-game currency $CCASH. We like the experience of the team and their commitment to making a game that people will want to return to playtime and time again.

Therefore, if games are your thing, or NFTs, or Metaverse, or maybe just great Layer 1 blockchains for investment, we cover it all. 

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