BIGGEST Crypto Airdrop 5X Arbitrum ARB | + 3 More Airdrops

This is the best time to grab some free money! Why? Because the bullrun market is almost here! Currently, it seems like airdrop season. Plenty of projects are close to starting airdrops. LayerZero, zkSync, and StarkNet are the big ones that everyone seems to be waiting for. 

However, my team and I found four new massive potential airdrop for you. The biggest of them is just 4 days away. And remember, always use a burner wallet for your airdrops.

1) Linea

Linea is part of the Consensys family. Now, this means big league. For example, MetaMask also files under Consensys. So, a blockchain built by Consensys should have your attention. Only 4 months ago, Linea started their first campaign, which I talked about in this video.

Currently, Linea started a 6-week campaign on Intract. This campaign has 10 waves and 10 core tasks. So, without further ado, let’s do this. The first two tasks are easy. That is wave 0 and is good for 40 XP. You only need to complete social media tasks. Each task will grant you Linea Voyage XP. In other words, we’re after the XP’s here.

Wave 1 is on MetaMask. It ends on 14th November. You need to bridge $20 worth of ETH to Linea. So, choose a cheap and fast chain like Optimism or Arbitrum. You need the bridge on the MetaMask portfolio. This is good for 100 XP. Once you complete the task, it takes 1 hour to verify. After this 1 hour, you can claim your 100 XP.

There’s an extra task for 50 XP. Swap $5 ETH to any other available cryptocurrency. You can do this in your extension. Verification takes 25 minutes. Now you have the max 150 XP for wave 1. 

Then, Wave 2 starts on November 14th, 2023 and is about bridging and on-ramps. But also, don’t forget Venom and SupraOracles. They’re also in advanced stages. It’s not too late to still join them, though.

2) RepubliK

RepubliK is all about supercharging the creator economy. It’s a new social media platform that rewards its users. You can gain rewards in the form of XP by being active on the platform. Every week, you can turn this XP into their RPK token.

The RPK token exchange listing is coming this Tuesday, 14th November. It has a max supply of 3 billion tokens. You receive the RPK that you earn, straight into your wallet. Or, you can withdraw it to an exchange. 

This is where RepubliK is different from regular airdrops. Instead of giving you one airdrop at the token launch, you can get weekly airdrops. For instance, RepubliK lets you easily post your TikTok videos to their platform. So, to stay active, you can, for example:

  • Interact with content from other creators.
  • Get ‘likes’ for your content. 
  • Use the referral or content links and get people to sign up through your links.
  • Get daily log-in streaks. These reset every 7-days.

You can get more privileges, by unlocking more XP levels. This allows you to attend special events or get multipliers.

3) Fuel

Fuel is the fastest modular execution layer. It’s a layer 2 solution built on Ethereum. The chain dates back to 2020 and was the first optimistic rollup on Ethereum. The project already raised $81.5 million. So, an airdrop is likely, but, of course, not guaranteed. Currently, Fuel is on Testnet Beta 4. So, let’s waste no time and get going on those tasks.

  • First, you will have to install the Fuel Wallet.
  • Go to the faucet and request Testnet Ethereum. You will receive 0.5 ETH. In case you missed it, this is not real ETH! However, you can use the faucet more than once.

Tasks come and go, and currently, not too many tasks are available. So, keep an eye out on their X account or go to their Discord server. Nonetheless, I found some tasks for you.

  • Go to Zealy and complete the tasks there.

Fuel’s native bridge is now open. You can send funds between Ethereum’s Sepolia Network and Fuel’s Beta-4 testnet. This means that you need to connect an EVM wallet and your Fuel wallet. This took only a few seconds. However, sending funds from Fuel to Ethereum can take up to 6 hours.

4) Zora Network

Zora is another layer 2, built on the Optimism L2 chain. So, indirect on Ethereum. It’s an NFT marketplace. They raised no less than $60 million during three seed rounds. Does that sound like potential airdrop material? It does to me, so, let’s dig in and rack up transactions on Zora.

Before you can do anything, you will need to add the Zora chain to your EVM wallet. Go to Chainlist, connect your wallet, look for Zora, and add the chain. Now, bridge some ETH over to Zora with the official Zora bridge. This is from mainnet, so expect gas fees to be around $2.5 to $6. Alternatively, you may use the Orbiter Bridge.

Now, go to and look for free mints. Other mints are also very cheap. You can help fate a little by changing the gas setting in MetaMask. To mint NFTs for only 2 cents, set gwei in MetaMask to 0.0001. Mint also some NFTs on the official Zora site. Look for any collection and click ‘Mint’.

Don’t mint 20 or 30 NFTs in one day and leave it be. A better strategy is to visit both sites a few times a week. Each day, mint a couple of NFTs.

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