How This Wallet Made $78000 From 7 Airdrops

Only in crypto, you can make a lot of money with no initial investment. How does that work? Well, through airdrops of course! And if there’s anyone that tells you otherwise, you can show them this wallet. 

They’ll be convinced then. That’s because this wallet made over $78,000 from just 7 airdrops! Now, how did he or she get so many airdrops? Let’s uncover its secrets now.

How This Wallet Made $78000 From 7 Airdrops
Source: Twitter

To answer this question, let’s refer to the tweet below. But before we begin, do note that this wallet managed to:

  • Amass a huge amount of crypto from airdrops.
  • Without any significant initial investment.

Indeed, this is a very successful airdrop wallet. It would be wise to analyze it and to learn from its activity and trades.

In a nutshell, this wallet received the bulk of its profits from the below:

#1 – $49,800 Worth of $DYDX Tokens From dYdX

dYdX is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that allows its users to trade perpetual contracts with up to 20x leverage. It launched its airdrop back on Sep 8th, 2021. At the peak of $DYDX’s price, the airdrop was worth over $1 billion!

#2 – $17,316 Worth of $RBN Tokens From Ribbon Finance

Ribbon Finance is another DeFi project. It provides yield to its users through options vaults and lending services. It released 30 million of $RBN to early users back on May 25th, 2021.

#3 – $5,114 Worth of $GFI Tokens From Goldfinch

GoldFinch is a Real-World Assets (RWA) project. It provides yields to its users from real-world lending. In addition, its investments are collateralized off-chain. It sent its tokens to early participants and contributors on Jan 11th, 2022.

#4 – $3,850 Worth of $1INCH Tokens From 1inch

1inch is a popular DEX aggregator. It connects with many DEXs to bring the best swap rates for its users. Back on Feb 13th, 2021, it sent over $84 million worth of $1INCH tokens to DeFi users and the community.

#5 – $1,800 Worth of $UNI Tokens From UniSwap

UniSwap is the first ever widely adopted DEX. Till today, it still reigns as the most popular DEX for DeFi. On Sep 17th, 2020, it sent $UNI tokens to over 250,000 early users of the DEX.

#6 – $556 Worth of $LOOKS Tokens From LooksRare

LooksRare is an up-and-coming NFT marketplace. It lists many popular NFT collections, like Bored Ape Yatch Club (BAYC), Azuki, and DeGods. It gave many of its early users its native $LOOKS token back on Jan 11th, 2022.

#7 – $530 Worth of $GTC Tokens From Gitcoin

GitCoin is a project that builds tools for digital communities. In turn, these tools empower others to build and fund their own projects. On May 26th, 2021, it allocated 15 million $GTC tokens to early event participants.

What’s on This Wallet’s Radar Now?

Well, in crypto, you’ve got to be forward-looking. You need to know what are the next airdrops you could get into. This wallet’s doing that too! In fact, there are 3 airdrops that it’s participating in. These are:

  1. ZkSync. It’s a new Layer 2 project on the block. To get this airdrop, the wallet has made 101 transactions and $25,892 worth of volume on ZkSync. To learn how to participate, you can refer to our previous guide here.
  2. LayerZero. This is a project that helps blockchains interoperate with each other. For this airdrop, this wallet has made 114 transactions and bridged $139,063 worth of volume. For a quick guide on the $ZRO airdrop, you can read our previous guide here.
  3. Starknet. A Zero-Knowledge Proof project. It’s also a Layer 2 that hopes to scale with Ethereum. For Starknet, the wallet has only made 2 deposits and bridged $411.60 worth of funds over. To learn more about this airdrop, you can check our earlier article here.

We’ve come to the end of our analysis of a professional airdrop hunter’s wallet. Although he or she has claimed many airdrops already, this doesn’t mean you can’t get into future ones. There’s still ZkSync, LayerZero, and Starknet for you to get into. So, what’re you waiting for? Secure yourself these 3 bags of free tokens now!

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