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Let me ask you a very straightforward question. When was the last time you saw your crypto portfolio going up by double digits? Let’s face it, looking at the current situation it will take some more time before we return to green portfolios. 

Just like you, I am feeling the squeeze! Does that mean I am frozen out of crypto markets? Absolutely not. Over the last couple of weeks, I have researched everything about incoming massive potential airdrops. So, in this article, I will be walking you through 6 token airdrops and how can we increase our chances of landing it big with some of them. This cannot be missed!!

Airdrop #1: Shade Protocol

Shade Protocol is a DeFi protocol with an important privacy aspect to it. It’s built on the privacy-focused Secret Network. And it’s not one but a set of privacy DeFi apps.

Their Shade token symbol, $SHD, is not just for transactions and governance. You also use $SHD to mint the overcollateralized private stablecoin Silk. Think of the model for DAI, which is overcollateralized with ETH and USDC. It’s similar here but instead all private.

I think there is a huge market for practical apps like this that take privacy seriously. This one, since it’s on the Secret Network means you need the Keplr Wallet to get the airdrop. It’s our recommended wallet for Cosmos ecosystem stuff anyway so it’s good to have. Then you:

  1. Go to their Airdrop Page
  2. Connect your Wallet.
  3. Claim Your Initial Coins & Open up the Shade Dashboard.
  4. From there, you have the chance to receive more $SHD to use for staking or minting Silk to use in lending or borrowing.

This airdrop is task-oriented so the more you do, the more you can claim. Follow their instructional guide. Check. Add your Addresses. Check. Create a Permit, which is a version of a signature for SCRT where you don’t have to pay gas. Check. Each thing you do means more $SHD tokens.

Note: Make sure you have some ATOM or SCRT in your wallet to take full advantage of this airdrop

Do you use any Cosmos ecosystem protocols now? Do you have a favorite? Comment below and tell us what you use

Starknet Airdrops

My focus for the rest of the airdrops today is on Starknet. Without getting too technical, STARKs are similar but slightly different from SNARKs. Both are methods of using zero-knowledge proofs for security.

Zero-knowledge proofs, commonly known as zk, are used in different forms in some popular Ethereum Layer 2 protocols. Polygon in particular uses zk technology in a couple of ways. The security from zero knowledge is a big help when trying to get the speed and lower costs that an L2 needs to make it an alternative to Ethereum.

So, before we get into the projects with potential airdrops, let’s look at how to set yourself up to receive them on Starknet. Here’s what I came up with along with our crack Research Team:

  1. Bridge some ETH over to Starknet: Go to this website to bridge your tokens. After all, you can’t show them you are using their protocol if you don’t get in there and use it.
  2. Since Starknet is EVM compatible, I recommend 1 of 3 wallets:
    1. Metamask.
    2. Argent.
    3. Braavos. The native Starknet Wallet
  3. Go to MySwap: It’s preferable to use the Braavos Wallet here and there are pools with ETH, USDC, and DAI. Connect your wallet and since ETH-USDC is the most liquid swap ETH to USDC back to ETH.
  4. Create your own NFT: You can mint with Argent or Braavos wallets. So, when you mint your NFT here, you are using StarkNet resources and you can migrate it over. Gas and minting fees are super low.
  5. Bridge your ETH back to your wallet of choice: My tip for you is to leave some ETH here on StarkNet. It increases your chances of getting an airdrop as an active user.
Airdrop #2: Brine

Let’s jump right in. With our strategy in hand, my first airdrop from Starknet for you is Brine Finance. Brine is a DEX that lets you trade liquid pairs like BTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT fast and for ridiculously low fees.

The goal is to be a simple, sleek, and fast trading system for common trading pairs. So, if you want to take part in this airdrop, the key is to be on the lookout for their soon-to-be-published Docupaper.

The Brine Discord group posted that ways to qualify for the airdrop will be in this new paper. So BOLO. What’s On the Lookout. Also, there are other ways you can qualify might be:

  • Using the protocol to trade between BTC, ETH, USDC, and/ or USDT. After all, doing transactions to show the dev team what’s working is the most valuable help you can give them. 
  • Join their email waitlist and get updates. 
  • Provide constructive feedback and requests on their Discord channel.

It’s a simple thought process in reality. These projects are new and the dev team needs people to test their apps. When you test it and also convert some tokens, you are helping them. And they want to help the people that help them make their app better. Do you have a favorite DEX? Let us know in the comments

Airdrop #3: Mint Square

My next project today is Mint Square. You can guess by the name that this is a place to mint, sell, and trade NFTs on Starknet. It’s a zk rollup NFT marketplace. A couple of strategies you can try here to qualify for airdrops are:

  • Mint your own NFT.
  • Complete a transaction by buying or selling an NFT.
  • Follow on Twitter, like the Pinned Tweet & follow on Discord
  • Join the Official Mint Square Guild.

All these increase your odds of eligibility. Do you prefer ETH, SOL, Tezos, or some other chain to mint your NFTs? Tell us your preference in the comments

Airdrop #4: StarkSwap

Next we have an L2 AMM on Starknet, Starkswap. Right now they support 4 tokens and 2 test tokens LAN and BAR. The 4 tokens are:

  • WBTC
  • ETH
  • USDC
  • DAI

So, you can swap these popular tokens in a way that’s easy, fast, and cheap. There are a couple of strategies you can take advantage of here including the fact that Starkswap has a faucet for LAN and BAR to try to get these tokens out to the public.

Also, aside from the faucet, you can:

  • Use your new LAN and BAR to help provide liquidity to some of the Starkswap pools
  • Make some swaps on Starkswap
  • Use Starkswap’s Iron Fleet product to move tokens into and out of Yearn Finance
Airdrop #5: Magnety

Our last one for today is Magnety. Magnety is an asset management protocol designed to help the creation of hedge funds for small, retail investors. All with the transparency of being on-chain.

You can set up your own portfolio or copy the portfolio of the pros. They’ve just launched testnet so they are actively seeking people for their platform. So, a couple of strategies to qualify for airdrops here include:

  • Participate and compete in weekly community events. 
  • Retweet, write articles, or Twitter threads about the project.
  • Write a blog post OR make a quality video about the project. 
  • Provide constructive feedback on the testnet channel on Discord.

You’ve probably noticed a theme here. Get involved. Trade some tokens. Share your experiences. Help the devs improve. And you can qualify for an airdrop too.

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