Binance Chain Wallet: How to Setup and Use the Wallet Direct Feature

In the previous part of this article series, we explained how you can install and use the Binance Chain Wallet. In this article, we will explain how you can link your Binance exchange account with your wallet application using Wallet Direct, as well as other important features supported by the application.

Wallet Direct

Using the Wallet Direct feature, users can connect their Binance Chain Wallet with their Binance account and then transfer the tokens/coins between these two accounts.

To use Wallet Direct, go to My Account and click on the Connect to account button.

Binance Chain Wallet

Now, click on verify and connect my address. A page will pop up where you need to enter your Binance account credentials.

Once you have entered the correct credentials, a page will appear showing the status of your connection request.

Click on Connect to a wallet, and it will open your Binance Chain Wallet application.

Confirm the connection request by clicking on the Connect button. You can now see your Binance account is successfully linked to the Binance Chain Wallet through Wallet Direct.

Binance Chain Wallet

If you click on that account, you can see the list of all available tokens of your connected Binance account.

Binance Chain Wallet

At any time, users can disconnect the Wallet Direct connection between the Binance account and Binance Chain Wallet.

 Add Account

Users can add a new account into the existing wallet by going to the Add Account section.

To add an account, press the Add Account button and provide an account name. Confirm the process, and you can now check the newly created account from the My Account section.

Binance Chain Wallet

Import Account

The import account option allows you to add an existing Binance Chain Wallet or hardware wallet to a new device.

Users can import an existing account by providing the private key of the associated wallet.

Binance Chain Wallet

Hardware Wallet

The hardware wallet option allows you to connect your Ledger device with the Binance Chain Wallet.

To use this option, plugin and log in to your Ledger device. Then connect with the wallet application.

Binance Chain Wallet


Users can check their transaction history from the activity tab.

Binance Chain Wallet


The setting tab allows you to do the following setting changes in your wallet application.


From this tab, you can check the list of currencies supported by the wallet application.

Binance Chain Wallet


The language tab lists the different languages supported by the wallet application. You can change and set the language of the application to your preferred one.

Binance Chain Wallet tKey

tKey is a new open-source, safe, and convenient threshold key management system that is launched by Binance Smart Chain in collaboration with Torus.

Binance Chain Wallet

Users can use their Gmail ID to set up their wallets with tKey. They can use any two methods out of the three available methods to recover their wallet if they lost access to the wallet:

  • Gmail Account
  • Via Local Device
  • Account Password
Seed Phrase

From this tab, you can copy and download the seed phrase associated with your wallet application.

 Binance Chain WalletConclusion

This wallet is often not promoted. However, it is a very useful wallet for users who want to reap the benefits from the Binance Chain. It is compatible with Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum. Using Wallet Direct, you can easily link it with your centralized Binance exchange account and transfer funds. It also integrates with any BSC Protocol, such as PancakeSwap, and is easy to use. Finally, it helps you to stake BNB. People are often not aware of these features. However, these are highly recommended and convenient to those who frequently use their exchange account. The Binance Chain Wallet is good to have in your browser extension list.


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