Chainlink's Upgrade V0.2: Unleashes Native Staking System

This groundbreaking enhancement has propelled the staking pool size to an impressive 45 million LINK. Setting the stage for a more robust and decentralized network.

Chainlink has long been recognized as a pioneer in providing decentralized and tamper-proof data to smart contracts on various blockchain platforms. Let’s discover more about Chainlink’s Upgrade V0.2.

The Priority Migration of Chainlink Staking v2.0 Starts on Nov 28th.

The introduction of the native staking system was a strategic move to further secure and decentralize the network. Allowing participants to actively contribute to its security and reliability.

The v0.2 upgrade signifies a major leap forward. Not only in terms of the staking pool’s size but also in the sophistication of the underlying technology. The increased pool size represents a substantial commitment from the Chainlink community. As more LINK tokens are now actively participating in the network’s security and operations.

More About Chainlink Upgrade V0.2

One of the key features of this upgrade is the enhanced security measures implemented within the staking system. Chainlink has always prioritized security, given its critical role in providing trusted data for smart contracts. With the v0.2 upgrade, the native staking system has been fortified to withstand potential threats.

Source: Chainlink

The expanded staking pool is expected to attract a more diverse set of participants, including both individual stakers and institutional entities. This diversification contributes to the network’s overall resilience. Reducing the risk of centralization and enhancing its censorship resistance. Chainlink’s commitment to decentralization aligns with the broader ethos of blockchain technology.

For individual LINK token holders, the v0.2 upgrade presents an exciting opportunity to actively engage with the Chainlink ecosystem. Staking allows token holders to earn rewards by participating in the network’s operations.


These enhancements aim to optimize the overall performance of the staking system, making it more efficient and user-friendly. The user interface has been refined to provide a seamless experience for stakers. Whether they are novices or seasoned participants in the world of decentralized finance.

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