Crypto Altcoin Tier List Highest 2025 returns

50X, 40X, 30X. In this article, I am covering 6 coins. As per my recent research, these coins are highly capable of doing 50,40, and 30X from their present price by 2025. 

In fact, Coin number 3 on my list which shows a potential of 40X altcoin is being heavily bought by crypto whales. Don’t miss these coins. 

Top Tier: 50x or More

Trying to find coins we could realistically think to go 50x without crazy amounts of risk is hard. Even with all of the gems that we have. Some might get to 50x but it could take years to get there.

But, the 2 I have for you today I don’t think are strangers to you but both could do 50x in the next bull market alone. So, you need more than just a great project to do a 50x. These 2 are at the top of BIG crypto narratives.

  • AGIX

Singularity is one of the best crypto AI projects, if not THE best. They have a huge ecosystem covering business operations, media, and even health care with AI to help make fewer reporting errors. Their decentralized AI services marketplace lets almost anyone add AI functionality to their business at a low cost with a high potential ROI. They are THE crypto leader in AGI or General Artificial Intelligence.

Singularity’s token, AGIX, has a market cap of $222 million and is the #142 project in crypto.

  • Goldfinch:

RWA is another HUGE narrative in crypto right now that we expect to continue into a bull market. That’s the tokenization of real-world assets. And we LOVE Goldfinch in this category. The first thing about Goldfinch is its market cap is only $20.3 million. So a 50x would take it to $1 billion. 

And that’s definitely doable when you look at everything they are doing. As they say on their project website, they offer real yield from real companies. Specifically, you lend out USDC emerging market companies and they pay it back. 

This platform has everything crypto people and non-believers have been asking for. A real-world use case where crypto helps companies and people get access to financial services they would not have otherwise. Do you hold any AI or RWA projects in your portfolio? Let us know in the comments below.

Tier 2: Up to 40X

Here we still have high growth potential but slightly less than in the first tier. We also have 2 good ones with good growth stories in this tier.

  • Lossless

We’ve talked about lossless before in security and fraud prevention. It bolsters some of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that exist in smart contracts on different platforms.

They also detect scams and I don’t have to tell you how valuable that is for our industry. We expect Lossless to be a big part of the new standard on smart contract security. 

Then there’s the value. The current market value of $LSS, its native token, is only $6.9 million. So the potential here is enormous. 40x would still have a project value of under $300 million and this could easily be a multi-billion dollar project.

  • Chainlink

Chainlink is now, finally, back into public favor. Some of us here at Altcoin Buzz think it should always have been high profile. It is THE leading oracle. And all smart contracts that use real-life data like crypto or stock prices need oracles. It’s a great infrastructure play.

They just integrated with Base. Their cross-chain messaging protocol CCIP is a big hit across DeFi and some TradFi too.

So, at almost $4 billion, Chainlink is the #22 project by market value so this is a blue chip already. It’s just that now they are getting the recognition for being the great project they are. There’s no reason this couldn’t be a top 5 project and be worth hundreds of billions someday.

Chainlink is one of the coins you can buy on BYDFI. This means even Americans can buy it easily.

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Tier 3: 30X Potential

In our next tier, we have 30x potential. That’s still big, huge potential. And these are 2 picks we like a lot at this level.

  • Lukso

You already know we like Lukso as it’s in our 50X Master Portfolio. Lukso wants to be the blockchain for creatives and for the NFT market. Lukso is working hard on 2 big real-world problems. Digital Identity and Transparent Provenance.

Provenance is like proof of ownership and many countries need it for proof of property ownership while some industries like Art need it to prevent the sale of forgeries. So, Lukso is making big strides in solving these problems too while only recently launching their mainnet.

Its $110 million value means a 30x from here would take it to around $3.5 billion. Definitely doable especially if they hit the jackpot on identity OR provenance, let alone both.

  • Secret

Our last one today covers a big narrative too. Privacy. And it’s Secret Network. You already know that Secret does privacy including privacy-based smart contracts. And you know they have a fast-growing ecosystem.

We covered them recently a couple of times due to whale buying activity or because we are hot on the privacy narrative where Secret is a clear leader.

Yet as a leader, Secret is only the #339 project in crypto with a market value of $60 million. That means TONS of room for growth here too.

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