Polygon MATIC's Hottest NFT Crypto Games on IQ Protocol

It is up 1100%. Yes, the number of unique active wallets (UAW) on the IQ protocol NFT marketplace is up 1100% in the last 7 days. And the major reason for that is the 3rd biggest game in the Polygon ecosystem has partnered with IQ Protocol.

And a massive 300+ prize pack giveaway is taking place. Your entry is free and gas is prepaid. You don’t want to miss it and hurry because time is running out.

1) Rental NFTs.

Have you already heard about this? IQ Protocol is active in this space. In case you missed it, here’s a link to our last video about IQ Protocol. Come to think of it, renting NFTs and gaming makes perfect sense. You rent out an NFT for the duration of the game. Once the gamer stops playing, they give back the NFT. You can unlock new revenue streams for your dormant digital assets.

Now, IQ is having a busy August:

  • They had a big partnership with The Red Village that successfully proved that the NFT rentals concept works and is in demand.
  • They’re launching a new game integration coming up with Crypto Guilds.
  • You can win an NFT giveaway for 500+ Planet IX NFTs. The Red Village and Planet IX are two of the biggest games on Polygon.

So, let’s take a closer look at these three August milestones for IQ.

#1: The Red Village Case Study

IQ recently completed the Red Village ‘New Blood’ competition. At the same time, this was also a case study. The results are very positive. It proves that the NFT rentals concept is working. For example, stats on the IQ Marketplace show for the first week:

  • 2,000 new unique active wallets interact with IQ Protocol (UAW). 
  • There were also 10,000 total rentals during that week.
  • On social media, there were 20+ million impressions.

During the duration of New Blood, there were other milestones. For instance, here are some TRV stats:

  • There were around 180-200 DAUs (daily active users). 
  • New Blood saw 3000 new assets listed.
  • They saw the largest number of 8-player TRV Tournaments in a 24-hour period. This peaked at 3.365.
  • This, in turn, beats the previous high of 2450.
  • But that’s not all, New Blood recorded several 3,000+ player days. 
  • Around 500 new wallets interacted with TRV.
  • Of all rented assets, players used half of them during the game.
  • There was large social media growth. Twitter welcomed 2,500 new followers. On Discord, there were around 600 followers.
  • No less than 25 factions competed for the main price of $10,000. Squad Faction 4 won the $10,000 cash prize.

So, looking at these statistics, the tournament was a success. IQ Protocol’s idea of renting out NFTs seems to be working out.

#2: Crypto Guilds Integration

Next up is the integration of Crypto Guilds. The concept is like what they did with The Red Village. This will start around now, 17th August. Crypto Guilds introduces a new NFT collection that also has new utility for renters. 

This is how it works.

  • Crypto Guilds will rent out a hero NFT collection. 
  • The collection will act as guild passes. 
  • With these guild passes, you can win big cash prizes in various games in the Polygon Gaming space.
  • You can own more than 1 NFT. So, you can rent them out.
  • As an owner, you decide on the split with the renter.
  • After the campaign, they will continue with IQ’s rental format. 

This way, Crypto Guilds can promote a variety of games. This should result in more daily active users for them and the entire Polygon ecosystem. So, every month, a Crypto Guilds NFT will unlock a quest in a different game on the Polygon ecosystem. For example, quest #1 started in mid-July with ‘Cards of Ethernity’.

If you want to take part in the new quest with IQ, you will need to buy a CG Hero. We got a box for the games, and here is a video on how to open the box and unpack your hero, a badge, and 50m $VIL tokens. But keep in mind, that there are only 1,000 Heroes. You can equip your hero with various tools. This will make your hero stronger. As a result, your hero will have a higher ‘hero score”, increasing your earnings.

#3: Planet IX NFT Giveaway

IQ Protocol partnered with Planet IX. This is the third big event for IQ during August. It’s quite a big deal because Planet IX is currently the 3rd biggest game on Polygon. They currently have 100K+ wallets connected daily. Crypto Guilds will give away 500+ Planet IX NFTs as prizes. The only thing you have to do is join raffles and campaigns. 

To get raffle tickets, you need to rent NFTs from the IQ marketplace. See the video on how to do this. This giveaway is active between the 10th and the 31st of August. And you know what? Entry is free with all gas fees prepaid. How about that? So, what’s holding you back for weekly prizes every Thursday?

The free rentals are each time for 1 hour. Each rental will give you 1 raffle ticket. You can only rent 1 at a time and there’s a limit of 10 tickets per wallet, per week. So, you can find out about the remaining prizes on the 24th and 31st of August. 

You can join this NFT-based strategy game set in the year 450 ’After Earth’. This game blurs the lines between the digital and physical worlds. It’s more than just a game. It’s a movement empowering players. Both in your gaming experience and also with real-life rewards. 

So, that’s a wrap for the IQ Protocol and their exciting August events. How did you like them? 

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