Crypto Gamers DONT Miss this Airdrop! 10 Million IQT

Airdrops are a great way of getting ‘free’ money. It’s “free”, since most of the time you have to do some tasks. These can range from as simple as staking tokens to grinding away for weeks on an end. The rewards can be well worth your effort, though. 

Recently we saw plenty of juicy airdrops coming our way. For example, Celestia, Jupiter, or Wormhole in some cases earn users up to 5 figures in USDT value. That’s why, it is with great pleasure, that I can announce not one, but two confirmed airdrops by IQ Protocol. So, let’s dive straight in and take a closer look at this.

Special Offer Between Altcoin Buzz & IQ Protocol

From April 3rd-9th, there is a huge campaign for the Phase 2 of IQ Protocol’s airdrop (see more info below on everything IQ is doing).

And during this week, you can do some cool stuff like:

  • Follow our socials here at Altcoin Buzz
  • Sign up for the free tier of Altcoin Buzz Alpha

to earn extra points on the leaderboard so you can qualify for a bigger airdrop of $IQT.

The more AB related tasks you do, the bigger airdrop allocation you get.

To get started, click here.

What Is IQ Protocol?

IQ Protocol offers a marketplace where you can lend or rent NFTs. This is a great way to take part in games without great investments. You don’t need to buy an NFT but can rent it instead. You agree to the terms with the owner, and you’re all good to go. For example, you split the rewards.

On the other hand, if you lend your NFTs, you have a great way for NFT owners to earn passive income. There’s also no risk of losing your NFT since you lend out a wrapped version. The original NFT stays at all times in your wallet.

For games, it increases the distribution of their assets tenfold. They also see an increase in player onboarding and giving yield to owners. So, altogether, a win-win situation for everybody involved. I already talked a few times about IQ Protocol, check out these videos. (1 & 2)

So, in late November 2023, IQ Protocol launched its $IQT token. Now they have two different airdrops starting in March including one already complete. So, let’s take a closer look at these airdrops, shall we?

Phase 1 IQ Protocol Airdrop

IQ Protocol started with its Phase 1 airdrop on 12th March. It was on an FCFS basis. So, by this time, Phase 1 is over. 

This was an OG retro-airdrop. There were 1.7 million $IQT tokens on the table for early supporters of both the protocol and Web3 Gaming. It’s meant for active users of the early IQ days. There was a snapshot on Sunday 3rd March 2024 23:59 UTC. You could qualify in three ways for this airdrop:

  1. You made 10 transactions on the IQ marketplace.
  2. You hold an NFT from one of 27 collections. For instance, The Red Village. See the link for more details. 
  3. Be a holder of 1 Smart Cats NFT.

The event was a smash success, with over 22,000 users getting rewards. The claim distribution is in Q2-2024. Stay tuned for an announcement from their team.

But there’s no reason to get desperate if you missed out on this airdrop. There’s an even bigger airdrop about to knock on our doors.

Phase 2 IQ Protocol Airdrop

So, this is the big IQ Protocol airdrop. We’re talking 10 million $IQT tokens in the prize pool. It started on 27th March and will go during the 2nd quarter. No reason to panic, you have plenty of time to take part.

During the campaign’s duration, we will see new weekly activities. Each week, there are new points up for grabs, and you can add them to the IQ dashboard. There are three core parts for this, for instance:

  • Zealy tasks or campaigns.
  • Galxe tasks or campaigns.
  • Rental tasks on the IQ marketplace.

The leaderboards guarantee full transparency. Furthermore, you can swap all the points you picked up during the campaign for $IQT tokens after the campaign period. During each week of this campaign, a different IQ partner will be in the spotlights. In other words, you will be active on the partner media outlets. For example, dedicated tasks and questions on Galxe and Zealy. 

On Galxe, you can pick up OATs. In case you’re not familiar with these, a Galxe OAT is an ‘On-chain Achievement Token’. It’s like an NFT. Each week there will be new OATs. There may even be extra bonuses if you rent them on IQ’s marketplace. Altcoin Buzz will take the spotlights in the week from 3rd April to 9th April. It sure does sound like good fun to me!  And don’t forget, at the end of these 3 months, there are 10 million $IQT tokens up for grabs. I will make sure I’m going to get on that leaderboard. 

The current $IQT price is $0.24. It has a market cap of $11.5 million. The max and total supply is 1 billion tokens. There are already 46 million tokens in circulation. The $IQT token is currently listed on MEXC, and centralized exchanges, and the team confirmed more are on the way. If DEXs are more your thing, you can also trade the token on Uniswap and Quickswap. 

Participation in the airdrop is a great way to explore the IQ Protocol and get to know some games they’re partnered with, which are some of the biggest in the space. There hasn’t been a better time to rent some of their NFTs.

So, did you already rent any NFTs in one of the IQ Protocol campaigns? Coins

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