Top Crypto Partnerships — March, Week 4

Every week there is a lot of movement in the crypto industry, and now that we are approaching the Bitcoin Halving, even more so. 

And one of the things that are happening more now is alliances between different companies. So, without further ado, let’s see what our crypto partnerships are about.

1) Arcana Network

Arcana Network is an appchain for improving user experiences (UX). It’s also the first of today’s crypto partnerships. Arcana has various SDKs (software development kits) in place for developers. Their product, Arcana Auth, offers an easy-to-use Web3 onboarding process. Devs can easily integrate their apps into Arcana Auth. This allows for fast and easy user authentication. It works like a crypto wallet and allows for blockchain transactions. 

Furthermore, Arcana also offers a Gasless SDK with zero gas fees. Their SendIt app allows you to send crypto by email, so you don’t need a wallet. Recently, Arcana partnered with Linea and Berachain.

2) Laika AI

Laika AI calls itself the first Web3 AI super app. It wants to deliver a safer experience in Web3 for everyone. Laika wants to achieve this by providing a more informed and efficient experience. The various crypto spaces can be complex. For example, NFTs or DeFi. Their tools should give you a better insight into these spaces. These tools cover many subjects. For instance:

  • Token contract analysis.
  • Approval Analysis.
  • Wallet Analysis.
  • DeFi research.
  • NFT Authenticity.
  • Signature data decode.
  • AI model for on-chain analytics and marketplace monitoring.
  • Phishing website detection.

These tools should give you more confidence and security when interacting with Web3.

3) DexCheck

DexCheck is an AI-enhanced analytics tool. It’s a helpful tool when trading crypto assets or NFTs. It has plenty of features that are either free or come in the Pro version. DexCheck delivers real-time insights and in-depth market analysis. Here are some of the tools, which make them stand out:

  • Token analytics.
  • Whales tracker.
  • Token unlocks.
  • Address analyzer.
  • Telegram bots.
  • AI-arbitrage scanner (coming soon).

With these and their other tools, you should be able to trade more efficiently. Their native $DCK token powers the platform. For example, staking 20,000 tokens unlocks the first Pro level. Also, they just partnered with Insure DeFi.

4) PlayBux

With PlayBux we enter the gaming vertical. The team sees itself as the largest web3 entertainment platform in the world. PlayBux integrates everything into the metaverse. It merges other platforms into their world. For example, Commerce, DeFi, or NFTs. 

It’s also the very first ‘shop to earn’ platform. In other words, you can buy merchandise in the real world. By doing so, you receive a code that you can redeem in the metaverse. You can either get metaverse items or their $PBUX tokens. As such, it integrates various blockchains in its world. This eliminates the need for visiting various websites.

So, PlayBux partnered with BitgetWallet for the BWB Ecosystem Partner Program. Here are more details:

5) FuelonBlast

FuelonBlast allows creators to design and launch their tokens. That’s what Web3 is all about. Be in control of your data and creations. Fuel on Blast also offers funding so you can launch your token on any DEX in a liquidity pool. You have various options to pay the loans back. For example:

  • Taxes.
  • Direct payments.
  • Self-funding. 

Furthermore, you can customize your tokens. The platform also has its native token, $PAWS. By holding this token, you get access to more discounts or extra features. You deploy the token on Blast, without the need to code. Si, FuelOnBlast just announced its partnership with TitanSmartTrade. Here are more details:

6) ChainGPT

With ChainGPT we’re back in the AI space. It’s also the last of our crypto partnerships for today. It has some great features on offer. For example,

  • Solidity Smart-Contract Generator and Auditor.
  • AI NFT Generator.
  • Technical & Chart Analysis.
  • Web3 AI Assistant.
  • Blockchain & Market Analysis.
  • AI-Generated News.

Its focus is on crypto, blockchain, and Web3 domains. You can integrate their AI capabilities into existing platforms. However, you can also build apps from the ground up. Their native $CGPT token powers all this. You can use it for staking or farming. However, it also has a burning mechanism. It’s a deflationary token, which we like.


We looked at six top crypto partnerships of Altcoin Buzz. These partners cover various verticals, like, AI, gaming, or infrastructure. They are well worth being aware of. In this coming bull run, they could perform very well. It also shows the versatility that Altcoin Buzz has. Besides the website and our YouTube channel, we’re also active in many other ways.



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