The Cosmos Hub is one of my favorite ecosystems. It forms the foundation for the IBC, or Inter-Blockchain Communication. All other chains in the IBC are built on top of the Cosmos Hub. 

All these chains interconnect within the Hub or IBC. This means that they can send assets around, between them. Now, there’s a lot coming up for various chains in the IBC during August and beyond. Usually, the accumulation for upcoming events occurs 3 months before the event. Let’s discover these altcoins.

#1: Cosmos Hub (ATOM)

Cosmos has a big event coming up in September and Q4. It’s one of the three Cosmos ecosystem altcoins I look at today. So, now is the right time to look into Cosmos and its ATOM token. This event is the Gamma release. This is an update to interchain security, Gaia v11.0.x. It establishes a layered security. That’s Interchain Security v2.  You can compare this to what the L2s on Ethereum are doing. 

In contrast to Ethereum, Cosmos is an innovation-oriented chain. Ethereum is more like a value-oriented chain. For example:

  • There are token burns. 
  • They have aggressive marketing.
  • But they also made the network costly and unusable.

However, Cosmos is starting to change direction. This new strategy points towards a value-oriented chain. In other words, Cosmos can now onboard many user-intensive dApps. For instance, like DYDX. They launched their testnet on Cosmos in early July. This provides indirect growth to Cosmos and its ecosystem.

However, hold your horses, I’m not saying that Cosmos can now challenge Ethereum. But, most certainly, they can put up a fight. One of the ideas floating around is that Cosmos may start a burning mechanism. As a result, this can increase the value of the ATOM token.

Nonetheless, this will be interesting. Simply because it can lead to a paradox. And here’s why. Think of a few Ethereum L2s, like, for instance, Arbitrum. They use ETH for gas. But if we look at the value investing of the ARB token or similar altcoins, they become useless, right?

Now, new cosmos ecosystem tokens, that onboard, can see the same situation unfold for them. So, there’s still a bit to puzzle around with. But, the general idea is good and something that Cosmos needs.

#2: Injective (INJ)

Injective started to rise through the ranks in 2022. It’s my second pick of the Cosmos ecosystem altcoins. The protocol never stopped or looked back. 2 Its price development has been phenomenal. They’re built for finance.  Injective never stopped building. They delivered some exceptional products. See our recent video about it.

Injective is an L1 that’s part of the IBC. It’s super-fast, and it doesn’t charge any gas fees. It offers cross-chain trading and yield generation. Injective has a DAO with a big community. The DAO votes on any innovations. Interoperability is an important feature to them. For example, they are interoperable with Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon.

First, as already mentioned, they keep building. So that’s positive news. For example, many upgrades are coming in Q4. These are the Injective Orbital Chains. For instance:

  • Carcosa Upgrade.
  • Mesh Chain Network.
  • Multi VN Chains.
  • Volan Upgrade.

Second, their token release for INJ is coming to an end in Q4. A reason why investors are bullish on INJ. You can also add to this their token burn mechanism. Injective burns 60% of all fees collected. 

The project has a buyback and burn mechanism. It auctions off the INJ tokens that it buys back. As a result, in 2022 Injective had the highest burn ratio in crypto. Injective is a project to keep an eye out on. Its ATH was $24.89. During the next bull run, it may well go over that.

#3: Secret Network (SCRT)

Secret Network is another one of my favorite IBC projects. I talked about Secret, about a week ago. See my video here. In this video, I do mention what I like about Secret. They kept quietly building in the background. Currently, Secret runs the Surge campaign. A big DeFi incentives campaign. 

On the other hand, Secret suffers from massive inflation.  As a result, we can observe suppressed price action in its native token, SCRT. This makes SCRT the third of the Cosmos ecosystem altcoins I cover today. But that also means there’s an upside. Among all other privacy-based L1s, Secret is the most undervalued.

One new feature I look forward to is the Unstoppable Wallets. Most likely launching in Q3. This is on a different level. What they offer is mind-blowing. So, let’s take a look. For example:

  • These contracts are not seed phrased! Instead, they are smart contract based. So, goodbye to seed phrases.
  • They are interoperable with other blockchains. 
  • You can set conditions on assets. I am thinking of features like locking your tokens or scheduling sending.

Another interesting consideration is the current Arkham controversy. They currently drive to remove anonymity.  As a result, anyone who prefers secured privacy can look up Secret Network. It’s something that I can see plenty of whales and institutions take advantage of.

So, are you a fan of the Cosmos ecosystem? Do you already use any of the three mentioned projects? Let me know what you think of their new and upcoming features.

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