How Messages in Web3 Wallets Can Kill Whatsapp?

This groundbreaking advancement has the potential to reshape the way crypto enthusiasts communicate. Offering a range of use cases from NFT trading negotiations to building stronger community connections.

However, this innovation also raises important questions about its impact on the industry as a whole.

Web3 Wallets are Evolving into Decentralized Messaging Platforms?

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain has long been recognized as a vital tool for simplifying the complex world of cryptocurrency transactions. It enables users to associate human-readable names with Ethereum addresses. Effectively replacing lengthy cryptographic strings with easy-to-remember identifiers.

Expanding its utility beyond address resolution, Coinbase and Etherscan are developing new features in web3 wallets to harness the power of ENS domains for secure and anonymous text messaging.

Here are its use cases:

  1. NFT Trading Negotiations: The integration of text messaging through ENS domains can facilitate smoother negotiations between parties interested in trading NFTs. Parties can discuss terms, conditions, and prices while maintaining their privacy and security.
  2. Community Alerts and Notifications: With the new messaging feature, project teams can send alerts and notifications to their followers in a secure manner. This ensures that participants receive crucial updates without compromising their personal information. Or exposing them to potential scams.
  3. Strengthening Connections at ETH Events: Attendees at Ethereum-related conferences and meetups can use this feature to connect with new friends. Also, share insights, and arrange meetings seamlessly. The added layer of anonymity can encourage more open interactions among attendees.
  4. Anonymity in Personal Communication: Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can now send messages to each other without revealing their actual identities. This use case offers an opportunity to forge connections based on shared interests and ideas. Rather than traditional personal identifiers.
  5. Digital Romance and its Pitfalls: The concept of reaching out to an “on-chain crush” takes on a new dimension. However, the flip side of this innovation is the risk of getting “left on seen,”. Just as in traditional messaging platforms. The possibility of unrequited digital affection introduces a new layer of complexity to personal interactions.

Good and Bad Things About Wallet-To-Wallet Integration

The introduction of secure and anonymous text messaging through ENS domains has the potential to foster greater adoption. By enhancing communication within the community and enabling new use cases, this innovation can promote a more versatile and engaging ecosystem.

However, there are also concerns that must be addressed. The very features that make this messaging system secure and anonymous also create potential avenues for misuse. Bad actors could exploit the anonymity to engage in scams, fraud, or harassment. Additionally, the pseudonymous nature of communication might complicate regulatory efforts aimed at preventing illicit activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing.

Disrupting Traditional Messaging Platforms: The WhatsApp Effect

One of the most intriguing aspects of this innovation is its potential to disrupt traditional messaging platforms like WhatsApp. With its emphasis on security and anonymity, the new messaging system built into web3 wallets powered by ENS domains offers a unique alternative to mainstream messaging apps.

As users become more conscious of privacy concerns and data security, they may find the encrypted and pseudonymous nature of Web3 messaging more appealing. This shift could potentially lead to a migration of users from platforms like WhatsApp to Web3 wallets for their communication needs. The use cases presented by Coinbase and Etherscan, such as NFT trading negotiations and community building, highlight the versatility and potential of this messaging system, making it an attractive proposition for crypto enthusiasts.


The integration of secure and anonymous text messaging via ENS domains by Coinbase and Etherscan marks a significant leap forward in blockchain technology. This innovation not only opens up new avenues for communication within the cryptocurrency community but also presents challenges that the industry must address head-on.

By fostering responsible adoption and usage, the industry can harness the potential benefits of this innovation while minimizing its potential drawbacks. As the landscape continues to evolve, it will be intriguing to witness how this technology shapes the future of communication in the crypto world, potentially even disrupting traditional messaging platforms along the way.

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