How the Blockchain Has Helped Change Casino Games?

You might have seen crypto casino games mentioned and wondered what these are. This isn’t as complicated a subject as some people want you to believe.

So, let’s take a look at the different parts of these games to understand what you need to know and see how the blockchain has changed casinos so far, as well as looking ahead to find out what might happen next.

What Are Blockchain Casino Games?

There are a couple of different ways that the blockchain has affected the casino world that we need to consider here. The simplest is with online casinos that accept different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, alongside the more traditional payment methods like PayPal and bank cards. This is a faster banking method than using fiat money and it suits some people more than any other way of funding their betting accounts and withdrawing any winnings earned.

The other type of blockchain casino game you might see mentioned is where the game exists solely on the blockchain. This is less common than the previous example of cryptos as an alternative payment method, but it may become more common in the future as the fascinating potential of the blockchain continues to filter into so many different areas of our lives.

Making Casino Games More Accessible

The key point to date is that the addition of the blockchain to casino games is still at an early stage, with a lot more development surely still to come. Yet, we can already point to the fact that it’s helping to make these games more widely played by a greater number of people. Someone who would never have considered going to Las Vegas or somewhere similar to gambling could find that this sort of online casino that accepts their favorite cryptos is an ideal way to play poker, roulette, and other games without leaving home.

This example of Bitcoin blackjack- sometimes also tagged as crypto blackjack – shows us how this has fused two completely different things together. Blackjack is a centuries-old card game that used to be played only in land casinos with physical chips, but now you can start playing crypto blackjack games at home using your digital funds. In this case, cryptocurrencies have helped introduce more people to a game that they might not have otherwise tried. The rules are similar to the land-based versions but it’s easier to get started and the growing diversity has led to different variants and side bets becoming available.

The Security and Privacy Aspects

Extra security is one huge benefit of the blockchain that we can’t just ignore when looking at it in the context of gambling online. The fact that these currencies are generally classed as pseudo-anonymous is another powerful reason why this technology has made such huge strides in an industry where players value these things massively.

If we look at a real-life example of how this might work, it becomes clearer. You sign up to a casino that uses SSL technology – or similar – to make sure that the data you add to your account is protected from hackers and other prying eyes. You may feel that the process of adding real cash to your new account is now the only potential weak point, so being able to use cryptocurrencies gives you a fully secure end-to-end process.

It’s also worth pointing out that a lot of players might like the idea of separating their gambling funds in this way. It would be easy to set aside some cash specifically for playing these games in a responsible manner, rather than dip in and out of your main bank account or credit card whenever you want to play some slots or table games online. Cryptos have fitted seamlessly into our modern lifestyles, and this is just another example of their flexibility.

What Happens Next?

The question of what happens next is the most interesting aspect of this subject. We’ve seen how the blockchain has exploded into so many industries and provided benefits that people hadn’t even thought of before. Is it going to disrupt the casino industry in the same way the likes of the banking and healthcare industries have been impacted? Even space exploration has been boosted by the blockchain in recent times.

It certainly seems likely that online casinos will use the immense power of the blockchain in more ways from now on, but it’s not yet clear what forms this could take. Will they use it to increase trust in the fairness and transparency of their games or by further gamifying the full casino experience?

What seems abundantly clear by now is that the online gambling world isn’t going to get left behind in the blockchain revolution. The changes to date are relatively subtle while enhancing the gameplay in ways that perhaps aren’t completely clear at first glance, but there remains a feeling that there’s a lot more to look forward to as the blockchain is fully implemented in different ways.   

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