Stake Volt on Voltage

In the previous part of this series, we have explained how you can swap, add/remove liquidity, and use the bridge service offered by Voltage Finance. In this part, we will explain how you stake/unstake Volt tokens, and yield farm using the platform interface.

Stake VOLT

VOLT users can stake their tokens using the Stake facility on the Voltage Finance platform. And in return, they will get an xVOLT token along with attractive rewards. You can easily check the VOLT:xVOLT ratio from this page. Users can further use this xVOLT token in farming that we will discuss later.

To stake, enter the amount of VOLT token that you wish to stake. Here also, you need to approve the transaction first before actually submitting it for staking.

Confirm the entire process.

Voltage Finance

You can now easily check your unstake VOLT, xVOLT token from the dashboard (see screenshot below).

Voltage Finance

Unstake VOLT

Users can remove (partial/complete) their VOLT tokens from staking at any time.

To unstake, go to the Unstake tab. Now, enter the amount of VOLT token that you wish to unstake, and confirm the process.

Voltage Finance

You can check that your staked balance is reduced by the same amount, and the released VOLT token is added to your wallet balance.


Voltage users can perform yield farming by depositing their tokens into the different farm pools supported by the platform.

You can check the list of currently active farm pools from the FARM tab.

Voltage Finance

Note that before depositing your tokens into the farm pools, users need to first provide liquidity of the same token pair into the liquidity pool. The LP tokens are then deposited into the farm pool to yield farm.

Deposit Into Farm Pool

We want to deposit LP tokens into the farm pool of fUSD/VOLT. You can also check the rewards associated with this pool.

We have first provided the liquidity into the fUSD/VOLT liquidity pool (check the Add Liquidity section for detailed steps on how you can add liquidity into a pool) and received the fUSD/VOLT LP token.

Now go to the Farm tab, and select your desired farm pool (fUSD/VOLT pool in this case). Enter the amount of percentage of LP token that you wish to deposit into the farm pool. Approve the process as we are doing this for the first time. Now, click on the Deposit button to finally submit the tokens for yield farming.

Voltage Finance

You can check your pool tokens from the dashboard (see the below screenshot). The earned rewards can be seen in the Accrued Rewards section.

Voltage Finance

Withdrawal from Farm Pool

At any time users can withdraw their tokens from the farm pool. The LP token will be again moved to your liquidity balance.

To remove your tokens (partial/complete) from the farm pool, go to the Withdraw tab. Now, enter the amount/percentage of farm pool tokens that you wish to withdraw. Confirm the process by hitting the withdraw button.

Voltage Finance

Your farm pool balance will now become zero.

In the next part, we will cover the lending service provided by Voltage Finance.

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