If You are a LAND Owner in The Sandbox, You Must Read This

The Sandbox is no doubt one of the biggest metaverse platforms. But lately, there’s not been much news for new land owners. However, all that has changed with the latest land owner roadmap shared by the Sandbox.

The new Sandbox roadmap features information about new land sales and upgrade systems and neighborhoods. Let’s look at what the new roadmap contains for landowners.

The Sandbox Introduces Neighborhoods

One of the key features of the new roadmap is the introduction of neighborhoods in its virtual world. Neighborhoods are areas on the map where similar projects can be grouped to interact. As per an official announcement, the concept of neighborhoods will increase the network effect between brands and amplify synergies for users.

The Sandbox added that the neighborhood concept will improve the storytelling experience in its virtual community. The concept of neighborhoods has been in the works over the last few months. And the core idea is that it will improve a sense of community on the Sandbox.

Sandbox plans to open neighborhoods regularly throughout the year. In addition, it plans to release over 5,000 new LANDs this year across 6–9 LAND sales.

Enhanced Land Owner Features

The Sandbox has been working towards improving ways to create experiences for LAND owners. The team introduced different features for users to improve the possibilities for their LANDs’ and experiences to enjoy the spotlight within the ecosystem.

Source: Medium

The Sandbox reserved some features for premium LAND owners. The team said these features preserve the value of premium LANDs and also provide better rewards for holders. One of the perks for premium LANDs owners is the ability to have LANDs located near famous brands.

In addition, some locations will have exclusive bonuses and seasons. Also, the Sandbox is working towards featuring some users’ experiences on its website.

The publishing feature is the most significant feature launched in 2023. This feature will enable all landowners to publish their experiences on the map. This means that the community of creators on the Sandbox can display their work and give LAND tokens real utility.

Source: Medium

This is a significant step toward The Sandbox realizing its long-term goal of being a completely decentralized ecosystem that is fueled by a global creator economy that prioritizes user-generated content. Interestingly, the Sandbox released a search feature. So, users can search for experiences to join, improving the quality of the experience on the Sandbox.

Other Important Updates on The Sandbox

The Sandbox claimed that LAND owners currently represent over 23,500 members. And this is all thanks to recent LAND sales, which have enabled more people to access the virtual world and create content.

Sandbox said it now adopts a new LAND sale mechanism to enable equal access. The team released over 2,000 LANDs in the first quarter of 2023, and all sales have been very successful, especially when compared to the state of the market.

A buy-back scheme by The Sandbox to regularly buy Land plots for sale on secondary markets is another intriguing feature of this roadmap. These bought-back plots will subsequently be lent to developers who wish to build but lack the resources to buy their land piece. Here is the complete map of LAND owners:

Source: Website

Finally, LAND owners who hold their plots for more than 90 days will soon be able to access an exclusive NFT reward. These new updates have introduced new excitement for Sandbox users. Things seem ready to go beyond land sales. Developers can now publish their experiences, opening up the Sandbox.

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