Missed Solana SOL Airdrops? Don't Miss Avalanche AVAX

Avalanche has been on fire recently. After a year of a $10-$20 sideways shuffle, it recently peaked at $48 in late December. As a result, Avalanche entered the top 10 by marketcap. AVAX is up by 187% in a year.

So, how come? Well, the Avalanche ecosystem has been actively making new partnerships. As a result, they went well outside the DeFi space. There are three narratives in particular that Avalanche preyed on: RWA, NFTs, and Gaming. That’s what put them on the map. So, inside this ecosystem, there are plenty of protocols and platforms without a token. You know what this means. I’m going to take you on a big hunt for potential airdrops. Everybody’s eyeing Cosmos and other chains. I give you the lowdown on an undiscovered airdrop pearl.

1) Trader Joe (JOE)

As always, there’s no guarantee that these projects will have airdrops. However, looking at the success of various Solana and Cosmos airdrops, they should. It will put them even more on the map. Use burner wallets and revoke access to your wallets.

So, after this general advice, let’s take a look at the first project. That’s Trader Joe. I’m not referring to your favorite grocery store but to the largest DEX on Avalanche. Besides Avalanche, it’s also available on Arbitrum, BSC, and Ethereum.

However, we’re concentrating on the Avalanche chain. Trader Joe’s recently expanded into the Mantle ecosystem. So, if you held and staked JOE tokens, you would have received the MOE token at TGE. This was on 8th December. At first, 2.5% of their total supply and another 5% over the next 12 months. 

Here’s proof that Avalanche platforms do indeed have airdrops. You can still stake MOE and get the emissions. These are the 5% spread out over 12 months.

2) AVVY Domains

AVVY Domains is the Domain name Service for Avalanche. It’s like the ENS domain service on Ethereum. So, this app allows making a human-readable Avalanche address. Visit the app and mint your domain name. 

As with all these domain services, the shorter the name, the more expensive it becomes. A 4-letter word sets you back $160. Be aware that you pay in AVAX. On the other hand, a 7-letter word is only $5 per year. Pick the number of years you want to subscribe, and you’re done. You can sell and trade all the domain names you mint. To date, AVVY registered 25,000 domain names.

3) Hyperspace AVAX

Hyperspace AVAX is an NFT marketplace. They already had 2 airdrops. Claiming for their second airdrop round is currently live. 65k AVAX was up for grabs. That’s a cool $2.4 million at current AVAX prices of $37. So, how can you get a share of that pie in Season 3? Well, first, Season 3 is already live since 5th January. 

Second, verify your AVAX wallet and connect your X account. Now you can start earning points by trading. Sell and buy NFTs on their platform and climb the leaderboard. The webpage shows which collections qualify. You also earn points by minting new collections. So, that’s how easy this airdrop is.

4) Gunzilla Games

Gunzilla develops games. They specialize in AAA games. Their flagship ‘Off the Grid’ is coming out soon. It’s a highly anticipated shooter game. Avalanche is turning into a friendly haven for gamers. Well, that’s what Gunzilla specializes in, next-gen shooter games. I mean, Gunzilla, what’s in a name, right?

However, that’s right down my alley. They use Unreal Engine 5. So, the visuals are stunning. So, let’s get back to today’s theme, airdrops. Download their Gunzwallet.  Now you can start playing games, like Off the Grid. Start farming their tokens. Their GUN token should launch anytime soon.

5) LevrBet

LevrBet is an online sports betting platform. The platform offers transparent wagers for various sports. 

They also have their testnet Beta launch coming up. Sign up, with your email address and AVAX wallet address. Wait until the Beta net goes live and take part. In the Beta version, you will find the NBA. Taking part should make you eligible for their confirmed airdrop.

The team plans to offer the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and CWC later this year. You can use up to 5 x leverage. However, be careful with this. Make sure that you understand how leverage works before you use it. Gains can be big, but so can your losses.

6) StarsArena

StarsArena is a SocialFi app. It works like Friend.tech. So, you start by signing up with your X account. Now you can start buying shares from X influencers. Now you have various options to get more shares:

  • Trade your shares.
  • Use your referral code.
  • Take advantage of share price fluctuations.
  • Create topics and threads. 
  • Engage in platform interactions.
  • Generate tipping volume.

StarsArena has weekly airdrops, pending on your accumulated points. However, I tried to sign in with X on two different browsers and couldn’t get access. For a platform that’s been around for a few months, I expected better. I hope that you have more luck.

Let me know if you are active in the Avalanche ecosystem and any of the mentioned apps. Drop me a comment on your favorite Avalanche app. Or let me know if I missed your favorite app.


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