Free money! Who doesn’t like that? Well, you’re in the right place. I’m going to talk about potential airdrops. This is precisely the recipe you need for free money. 

Airdrops sometimes ask for hard work. I got you covered. My team and I did the research and have easy-to-follow guidelines. These will allow you to take part in some potential airdrops. A warning, though, always use a burner wallet when you take part in airdrops. So, let’s take a closer look at these potential airdrops.

#1: Impulse

My first pick today is Impulse. This looks like a confirmed airdrop. On their X account, it states:

  • Our testnet tasks are live, and they come with incentives.  
  • Points would be used for airdrop rewards on the mainnet.

So, what else to do than check out their testnet, right? To put this in perspective, Impulse Finance is a decentralized launchpad protocol. It calls the Venom blockchain its home. So, this is a good moment to remind you of all the ongoing tasks on Venom.

They are currently up to 19 tasks! And here’s an insider tip, after completing tasks 18 & 19, make sure to verify them. You can do that on their Discord server in the ‘Completed Task’ channel. 

  • Upload a screenshot from your completed task.
  • Add your Venom Wallet address.
  • Give a brief description of your experience.

So, Venom is well worth investing time in, but let’s not digress. Let’s get back on track with Impulse. Start with connecting your Venom wallet to the app. There are, for example,

For each completed task, you receive points. These range from 5 to 30 points per task. As already pointed out, these points count towards airdrop rewards on the mainnet. For example:

  • Join their Discord and find your Discord ID 
  • The same for their Telegram channel. 

All tasks are a lot of fun. For example, I created:

  • A token and a token sale.
  • Logo for the token.
  • A liquidity pool for my token.
  • And a vesting schedule for the token.

That was the most fun I had with airdrop tasks so far!

#2: Scalar

Scalar is an open-source cross-chain leverage protocol democratizing margin trading on DEXs. They also have a confirmed airdrop for NFTs with perks. The first thing to do is to verify your wallet and complete some social media verifications. Are you ready, let’s take a look. 

After visiting the website, you can start with the verification process:

  • Start with verifying your wallet. Connect your wallet and follow the prompts.
  • Next up is X or Twitter. Verify your account and follow Scalar.
  • Now we move on to Telegram. Verify your account with your phone number. Once you complete this, join their Telegram group.
  • Last, copy your referral link use it on social media, and invite your friends. 
  • Currently, there are already 11,000+ verifications.

Now, soon, you should receive a ‘Believers NFT’. You can read up on their fair launch in this blog post.

  • After the team completes this Believers NFT distribution, the token buy process starts.
  • The first 888 NFT holders who click the ‘Buy’ button, receive a guaranteed allocation. That’s for the Scalar DAO token. It’s FCFS. 
  • This is where you can get a cheaper price compared to the listing price.
  • Wait for more updates on their social media.

So, if you managed to buy into the Believers allocation, you receive a ‘Legends NFT’. This allows for extra perks, like:

  • Discounts on margin trading.
  • A share in the protocol fee.

You can also trade these Legends NFTs in NFT marketplaces. The final step to the Fair launch includes:

  • Launch of ScalarDao Tokenomics & Governance
  • Token Generation Event
  • Listings on DEXs, CEXs & aggregators

Keep an eye out for updates on this.

#3: Massa

Welcome to the Massa Airdrop. Massa is a Layer 1 chain that offers 10,000 TPS (transactions per second). It has a completely decentralized network with thousands of nodes. The first step is to join their Discord. Now you can go to their dashboard and join the airdrop platform. Now it’s time to set up a Bearby Wallet. This is the best way to join the Massa ecosystem. There are Firefox, Chrome, and Edge extensions available.  

Once you enter the page, go to the top right button and click the Bearby address not linked yet button. Confirm the pop-up for linking the wallet. Now you can go to ‘quests’ and start completing the quests, one at a time.

The first quest, after confirming that you set up a Bearby wallet, is to mint an NFT.  You need MAS coins for this. These are available on the Discord server, in the ‘buildernet-faucet’ channel. So, copy your wallet address and paste it into the DC channel. 

Make sure that you are on the build net and not the testnet. This should be the default setting. You can change this under the yellow button on the top-left side of the wallet page. Update your quests and check if you received the points for minting the NFT/race car.

Now you can race with your car. Collect your points. After you complete a race, watch a race game. Collect more points by updating the quests. You can finish this quest without seeing your actual race. However, you must watch another race. The next quest is playing the ARG game ‘Counterfeit Reality’, which is interesting. There are four screens that you can move between.  

More About Massa Airdrop

You need to find Glyph #5. So, don’t worry about Glyphs 1-4. I couldn’t find Glyph #5 at the time I was researching this. However, the Discord channel ‘counterfeit-reality’ was buzzing with ideas.

You can complete the quest by staying long enough on the website. Refresh your quest page to see if it is validated. However, if you want an NFT and the option of ‘extra rewards’, try to find glyph #5.

The next quests are on the Dusa DEX. First, we need to swap some tokens. Connect your Bearby wallet in the top corner right. Go to the faucet and collect testnet tokens. Now swap any number of tokens. The next step is to DCA (Dollar Cost Average). Go to the DCA interface and select the parameters. I took a 10-week period for 100 USDC per week into WMAS. 

The last quest of these three airdrops is to add liquidity. So, there are 3 pools, I added to the USDC-WASM pool. I also used the automated option, so I don’t need to rebalance all the time. Validating the last 2 tasks can take up to an hour.

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