Why Is Instagram Turning Its Back on Bitcoin Adoption?

Instagram has recently implemented a new ad policy that restricts accounts from discussing Bitcoin. This move has sparked debate and controversy among users and the crypto community.

In this article, we will delve into Instagram’s new ad policy. The reasons behind this restriction, and its potential implications to Bitcoin adoption.

Instagram’s New Ad Policy

Instagram has long been a platform to promote products and services through sponsored posts and advertisements. With the rise of cryptos, many users and businesses have sought to capitalize on the crypto craze by running ads. These are related to digital currencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and blockchain projects.

However, Instagram’s new ad policy, which came into effect on Oct 9th, places certain restrictions on accounts discussing Bitcoin.

Key Restrictions in Instagram’s New Ad Policy

These are the most important restrictions that this social media platform is executing with Bitcoin-related topics:

  1. Prohibited Ad Content: Under the new policy, Instagram prohibits ads that promote “financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive practices.” This includes cryptocurrency-related ads that may be deemed misleading or deceptive.
  2. Age and Location Targeting: Advertisers are required to target their cryptocurrency-related ads to users aged 18 and older. Additionally, they must adhere to geographical restrictions, ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  3. Disclosure and Transparency: Advertisers are now required to provide clear and accurate information about their cryptocurrency products or services. Including relevant licenses or certifications they hold. Misrepresentation or omission of information can lead to ad disapproval.
  4. Prohibition of ICO Ads: Instagram’s new policy explicitly states that ads promoting ICOs and token sales are prohibited. Unless pre-approved advertisers run them.
4 Reasons Behind the Restriction

1) Protecting Users from Scams and Fraud

One of the primary reasons behind Instagram’s new ad policy is to protect its users from scams. In other words, the ones that have become prevalent in the cryptocurrency space. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of scams. Users have fallen victim to fake investment opportunities, and phishing attacks. And Ponzi schemes promoted through social media platforms.

So, Instagram aims to reduce the exposure of its users to potentially harmful content and fraudulent schemes. The platform recognizes its responsibility to safeguard users and prevent them from falling prey to scams. This implies that Instagram is assuming that Bitcoin is the same as the PEPE meme-coin, which is clearly false.

2) Regulatory Compliance

The cryptocurrency industry operates in a complex regulatory landscape. With rules and regulations varying from country to country. Many countries have expressed concerns about the lack of oversight and investor protection in the crypto space.

To ensure compliance with local and international regulations, Instagram’s new ad policy seeks to restrict the promotion of financial products and services that may not meet regulatory requirements.

3) Maintaining User Trust

Maintaining user trust is paramount for social media platforms like Instagram. When users encounter deceptive or misleading ads on the platform, it erodes their trust in the overall advertising ecosystem.

By curbing cryptocurrency-related ads that may be misleading, Instagram aims to preserve its reputation as a platform where users can engage with authentic and reliable content.

4) Reducing Information Overload

The cryptocurrency space is known for its fast-paced nature, with news and developments evolving rapidly. However, this constant stream of information can be overwhelming for users, particularly those who are new to the crypto world.

Instagram’s decision to restrict Bitcoin-related ads may be an attempt to reduce information overload and maintain a more balanced user experience.


Instagram’s new ad policy, which restricts accounts discussing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, reflects the platform’s commitment to user safety, regulatory compliance, and maintaining a trusted advertising environment. While these restrictions may limit the exposure of legitimate cryptocurrency projects and services, they also serve as a protective measure against scams and deceptive practices.

Users and businesses in the crypto space should be aware of these policy changes and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. It is essential to ensure compliance with local regulations and provide transparent and accurate information when promoting cryptocurrency-related products or services on Instagram.

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