Sui's Zklogin Is the Bridge Between Web2 and Web3 Companies

The Sui blockchain recently announced a new innovation that will make it easier to bridge the gap between Web3 and Web2 companies. The company introduced zkLogin, which would enable users to log into the Sui ecosystem using their web2 credentials, such as those from Google, Facebook, and Twitch.

This novel offering has the potential to change the blockchain landscape by streamlining the user onboarding process. Let’s discover more about it.

zkLogin Will Improve Blockchain Adoption?

There have been several issues with blockchain adoption, one of which is wallet creation. Many users find the process frustrating and limiting. So, some blockchain protocols employ third-party services to facilitate user onboarding. But, there’s still the problem of trust. And that’s Sui aims to resolve. 

Sui highlighted that zkLogin is vital for widespread adoption and blockchain integration. It will also provide support for multi-device support and improved user privacy. Sui noted that zkLogin will promote user privacy as it will not store user personal information on the blockchain. Instead, it only submits zero-knowledge proofs and ephemeral signatures.

The Sui team wrote in a blog post:

“Sui’s layer one blockchain makes digital asset ownership fast, secure, and accessible to everyone. zkLogin, one of a host of Sui primitives designed to help onboard the next billion users to Web3, serves these values by making access as simple as logging into any account.”

Other benefits of zkLogin include an increased level of security and control not present in regular web-based apps. In addition, the zkLogin feature combines zk-SNARKs and JSON Web Tokens, which enables users to validate their identity or the ownership of a wallet without having to reveal the actual login information required to use the account.

To make it easier for users, zkLogin produces a unique Sui address associated with a specific app that has a zkLogin option. According to Sui, the user does not see that address and would not need to save it. This is because it has been incorporated into the login process through the Web2 authentication provider.

In addition, users can continue to use their current wallets to use zkLogin-enabled apps. As previously mentioned, zkLogin will support applications like Facebook, Google, and Twitch at launch. Additionally, Sui plans to integrate similar features with Microsoft, Apple, WeChat, and Amazon.

Source: Sui
In Conclusion

Sui Network is a blockchain that has enjoyed the spotlight over the past few months. The project rose to prominence in large part because its founders were former Meta Platforms workers. Sui’s popularity climaxed in May, following its presale in May. At the time, the value of its native token, SUI, impressively increased by 2,000%. The zkLogin feature is a step in the right direction for moving the network closer to mass users.

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