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Parsiq (PRQ) 20xed in last bullrun. And this coming bull run, PRQ is expected to explode. That’s because the project kept building during the bear market and delivered what it had promised. That is why PRQ is under my radar to make big gains. 

Many of you, and we too, are willing to try difficult-to-use products with a crappy UX.  For the right reason, we try products like Nostr or Mastodon because we are dying for a crypto gem Web3 solution to social media where big tech doesn’t own all our data. For most of you watching, we know that Web3 CANNOT come fast enough. Especially for decentralized social media. But, a lot of things have to happen. And lots of replacement parts are necessary. Or we will end up with the next generation of FAANG companies all throwing everything onto Amazon Web Services.

It takes a lot of re-engineering of how platforms currently work. Web3 infrastructure firms play an important role in leading this forward. So today, one of those leaders. PARSIQ.

How Parsiq Can Provide Robust Infrastructure in Web3 Development?

If we are going to have a truly decentralized web where we can have censorship-resistant websites to say what we want, or:

  • Decentralized Facebook.
  • Decentralized Twitter.
  • True ownership of our own data.

Then we need Web3 to become a reality. PARSIQ is a leader in Web3 infrastructure. The nuts and bolts. The plumbing. The picks and shovels. However you want to think of it, it’s having the tools that help Web3 go. 


Source: Twitter

In the decentralized web, applications often rely on many protocols, many blockchains, and lots of programming languages.  That makes understanding and manipulating the data difficult. Even for things like transaction confirmations. That’s where reliable infrastructure projects like PARSIQ come in.

Introducing PARSIQ: The API Data Provider

PARSIQ works through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). It’s where one app can dial into another and access the data it needs. For example, all the big trading firms use API to access Binance and Coinbase data for trading purposes. But all blockchain projects do this, not just trading.

Also, PARSIQ builds powerful APIs for decentralized app developers. Its main offering is the Tsunami API. Tsunami allows developers to query blockchain data and manipulate it according to their specific needs. This flexibility and power are what make PARSIQ unique to other querying projects.


Source: Twitter
Customization with Data Lakes

The Tsunami API is powerful and does a lot of great things for project developers. But it’s not the only solution PARSIQ offers.

When a project needs something even more customizable. For example, when law enforcement agencies make a request. Or helping users manage their tax burdens then there’s a more tailored solution for that.

That solution is Data Lakes. It’s a highly customizable API that lets developers and users create and manage their own information requirements. It can be anything like taxes as I already said or some custom data reporting feature. PARSIQ’s Data Lakes offers a seamless experience for data extraction and manipulation.

parsiq data lakes

Source: Twitter
Streamlining Communication and Connectivity

If we are working on a project together and I speak Spanish and you speak Polish and neither of us speaks English. Then how do we communicate? Blockchain projects have this issue all the time. There are different programming languages across projects. And we shouldn’t need a huge wall of interpreters to help us like we are the UN.

So, PARSIQ plays translator. They both translate and ensure the data gets where it needs to go. This ensures that developers can focus on building their applications. They don’t have to worry about issues like interconnectivity.

parsiq guide

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The Value of PARSIQ in Web3 Development

Now, let’s discuss why PARSIQ presents an exciting opportunity for developers and investors alike. With a current market value of only $17 million, PARSIQ has immense growth potential. 

This is such a strong case, we mentioned it in our last video about PARSIQ too. As more decentralized apps adopt PARSIQ’s infrastructure, the demand for its services will increase. Moreover, PARSIQ’s recent tokenomics changes, such as using the $PRQ token for payments, add further value to the project and its token.

parsiq roadmap

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PARSIQ plays a vital role in the development of decentralized applications by providing reliable APIs and infrastructure. APIs are vital for programs to talk to each other. Its Tsunami API and Data Lakes solutions, streamline data management and connectivity. This enables developers to create cutting-edge Web3 apps.

If you’re a developer, make sure to explore PARSIQ’s offerings and see how they can enhance your projects.

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