SUPER Early Crypto MILLIONAIRE Opportunity | 4 Unreleased Altcoin Tokens

Be Early! Be Early! It’s one of our constant mantras here at Altcoin Buzz. And in a general way, we are all early to every project compared to the rest of the world. But the huge, outsized gains, the altcoins where you can make life-changing money are easier to achieve the earlier you are.

So today, the earliest of all. Promising altcoins whose tokens are not live and public yet. We have 4 altcoins with unreleased tokens covering 3 big blockchain narratives:

  1. zk-EVM
  2. Ethereum Layer 2
  3. Modular blockchains

You can’t get any earlier than altcoins not in the market yet. Curious? Let’s see where we are setting ourselves up for future success from unreleased tokens.

1) Taiko

Ethereum Layer 2 solutions and rollups are one of the big narratives in crypto today. And that’s because they relieve us of the main issues with Ethereum. Issues of price, speed, and scale of transactions.

One of the most popular types of these solutions is zk-EVM. EVM is part of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It’s compatible with other networks like BNB and Polygon. And the zk part is using zero-knowledge proofs for added security.

While Polygon is the leader in zk-EVM tech, Taiko is an unreleased token that lets you take advantage of the trend AND be early at the same time. Instead of operating as an L2, as an EVM it can operate its chain and still be part of Ethereum’s network.

Taiko is currently on the Sepolia testnet and its TGE is unknown. The one thing we do know is that they are setting up for an airdrop. We outlined the steps in a recent video and you can see some of that in the background right now. And if you like the zk-EVM argument and think it will be successful, Taiko should be on your radar.

2) Starknet

Next, we stay in the L2 area even though Taiko is not an L2. But the best-known project on this list of 4 today is Starknet. It’s a fast-growing ETH L2 also using zero-knowledge proofs. Although beyond the scope of this video, there are 2 common types of zk solutions projects use. They are zk-SNARKS and zk-STARKS.

Both are very good and most use SNARKS. STARKS is generally considered better for security and that’s what Starknet uses. Starknet also has a growing ecosystem. This includes wallets, bridges, and even fiat on-ramps.

As you’ve seen here in the background, we covered Starknet in one of our airdrop videos. So yes, they are setting up for an airdrop too, but no we don’t know when they will deliver or when the TGE is. And the team’s been pretty quiet on this subject.

But they keep building. And it would surprise us if the airdrop does not take place sometime in the first half of next year. Are you an airdrop hunter? Are you following our airdrop series of videos? You definitely should be.

Let us know what you think about airdrops in the comments. And by the way, if you love airdrops, you can find out early about them in our Altcoin Buzz Alpha group.

3) Scroll

Back to the zk-EVM theme again, we have Scroll Network. Scroll is a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. Its mainnet went live in October. Many of ETH and EVM’s biggest players are using Scroll including Safe and OKX Wallets and The Graph. Scroll has an NFT release coming out today. Yes, today.

They also have yet to announce their TGE but with their mainnet live now, there are lots of things you can do to qualify for an airdrop. We covered some airdrop possibilities a couple of months ago. You can see some of it playing in the background here.

4) Fuel

Our last one today hits on a common narrative too. But it’s a different one than all the ZK-EVM and Layer 2 stuff. It’s modular blockchains. We expect Modular chains to have explosive growth in the coming years. Unlike a linear chain that does everything, a modular chain outsources some functions and retains some.

Our modular chain selection today is Fuel Network. Fuel is an EVM that uses Ethereum for security while handling the execution layer itself. They do it rollup style. Like the others, they have no TGE date, at least in public AND they are likely doing an airdrop.

We covered them and tasks you can do to qualify recently too. Because building out a linear or monolithic chain takes so long and is expensive, we see modular chains as one of the big trends in the future.

And you can test out and be early on one of the leading altcoins before they’ve released their tokens right now. Today.

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