The Only 2 Altcoins Crypto Investors Need BEFORE 2025 Bull Run

Take a listen. Hear how quiet it is? The last time there was this little interest in crypto was in October 2020 during the lockdowns. And what happened next? Bitcoin went from $11,000 to $59,000 in only 6 months.This period when it looks like people are leaving the industry and no one cares anymore is the PERFECT time to buy.

Do you think those Bitcoin buyers at 11,000 have any regrets? They are still more than double their money today. This is the final leg before a roaring bull market comes in. And with the terrible way that alts have performed the last few months. There’s no better time to get in. The best entry point into the market we will have is RIGHT NOW. And here are the 2 altcoins you absolutely have to have that can do you 5x in 6 months like Bitcoin did in 2020.

Coin 1: Akash

The Akash Network is a bet on something very simple. The continuing explosive growth of AI. You tell me. Do you think AI will be more of a part of our lives, less, or the same 3 years from now? We see its growth every day from:

  • ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude for chatbots and large language models.
  • The writers and actors’ strike in Hollywood. Yeah, in case you haven’t been paying attention, one of the big issues of the actors’ strike is the use of their likeness without their permission. And this would not be an issue without AI.
  • Content creators doing more DIY work on written content, photos, and images. Although I promise you, a person wrote this script and we will keep doing it since our people know more about the industry than chatbots do.

And what does all of AI need? They need 2 things: Data and computing power. Now we’ve seen from OpenAI that many people are willing to give up their data in versions 3.5, 3.5 turbo, or 4.0 in return for the results that they can get from using ChatGPT. So AI is pretty well covered on the data front.

But what about computing power? AI image apps like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E 2 (which you see playing in the background) in particular need LOTS of computing power to render these images. That’s where the Render crypto project gets its name, by the way. Yet, most don’t have enough GPUs or server processing power to run these apps continuously as they need to. And here is where Akash shines.

More about Akash

Decentralized GPU computing. Users can buy and sell GPUs for AI or games or any ‘regular’ processing power for storage or other needs. The GPU aspect is what makes it different from Filecoin, Storj, or Arweave. Like NVIDIA, which provides GPUs for the legacy market and has done a 4x since last October, Akash can be, and probably will be, the decentralized Web3 provider of GPUs. In fact, Akash now supports the buying and selling of NVIDIA GPUs in its newly updated Supercloud just announced last week.

Akash has already been on a tear. But it should continue as AI grows. The price of its native token, AKT, is up 180% in the last year. The current price is 93 cents and you can get it on Osmosis or Sifchain for DeFi options or Kraken, Kucoin,,, or Houbi for centralized options. Do you use any AI tools right now? Let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments below.

Coin 2: Polkadot

We know you’ve heard over and over again how important interoperability is. And how we believe the future is multi-chain. We still believe this. And right now, although there are a few excellent ecosystems in this area like Cosmos, we like Polkadot’s $DOT token even more. The biggest edge we get to DOT over ATOM is token utility. As we’ve seen with:

  • Cronos for
  • Osmosis.
  • Injective.
  • Kujira.

You can have a great project on Cosmos and never need to use the ATOM token. We believe this will change soon as a few different governance proposals are making their way into Cosmos to improve its tokenomics and utility.

But we have no idea when that will happen, or if it will. But Polkadot has its parachain auctions and crowdloans. And projects and their teams and fans have to get DOT to win one. And once they do,  for 96 weeks they have to lock in their DOT. That’s almost 2 years.

More About Polkadot

This means that parachains that we are fans of like Moonbeam, Centrifuge, and Axelar ALL are holding DOT. And will likely hold it for the foreseeable future too. For the teams, it’s a great deal. DOT’s great security is part of the price these teams pay for a parachain. And here, after being down 41% in the last 12 months, we are getting a great entry price into one of crypto’s best projects.

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