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Web3 games have made a lot of progress in recent years in terms of ownership and general gameplay. But have you ever felt like we could get more out of these games?

 If you have, then this article is for you. After a long search, I’ve got one project that’s changing every aspect of crypto games. And that project is Reactive Network, with its unique feature known as Reactive Smart Contracts. 

Currently, NFTs play a static role in games. They are mostly used for access and the like. But, think about your NFTs playing a bigger and better role, growing as you evolve. So, your NFTs grow with your in-game accomplishments and conquests. Here’s the best part: you can even trade, sell, or loan these dynamic NFTs. That’s what Reactive Network’s Reactive Smart Contracts are set to introduce to gaming: making gaming a more immersive experience.

What is Reactive Network?

The Reactive Network introduces a new way to react to on-chain events with its Reactive Smart Contracts. Now, this has been one of the missing features in crypto for a while.  And it’s brought to you by the PARSIQ team.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine is a great innovation and does some pretty cool stuff for compatibility. Yet, one thing it doesn’t do is react to on-chain events. That’s where the React part of Reactive Network gets its name. Reactive Network achieves its goals with three main concepts:

  • ReactEVM (rEVM), 
  • Reactive Smart Contracts (RSCs) 
  • Relayer Network.

Our focus today is on Reactive Smart Contracts and how they apply to gaming. So, we’ll stick to that. Here’s something fascinating. The use cases of the Reactive Smart Contracts go beyond the gaming space. They can:

  • Enable automation in DAO governance
  • Automate arbitrage opportunities fully on-chain. This increases trading opportunities.
  • Automate payroll-related activities.
  • Protect locked assets by setting up automation which helps manage volatile movements

Reactive Smart Contracts also play a role in DeFi and lending protocols. Now, let’s talk about how it can change gaming.

Reactive Smart Contracts in Gaming

As I said earlier, Web3 games have made huge improvements in recent months. And this is thanks to better gaming studios and professionals entering the scene. Web3 gaming has a significant edge over traditional games. It’s the presence of NFTs. NFTs make a huge difference in Web3 gaming. 

NFTs represent your achievements in a game. But there are a lot of problems with current NFTs in Web3 games. Current NFTs in games are static. They do not evolve. You can only view them or use them for membership passes. However, NFTs can evolve as players advance in a game. That’s the brain behind a new concept called Dynamic NFTs. Let’s talk about them for a bit.

What are Dynamic NFTs?

Dynamic NFTs are not as static as the present crop of gaming NFTs. We can program dynamic NFTs to alter their state in response to time or other outside events. Though not as well-known as static NFTs, Dynamic NFTs have the potential to completely transform Web3 gaming. How? 

They’ll address the current challenge of Web3 gaming. A Static NFT currently reflects a gamer’s achievement in the game. And as I said before, these NFTs do not change or evolve with you. Your future accomplishments do not reflect on these static NFTs. 

PARSIQ’s Reactive Network can assist in changing how Web3 games award and use NFTs. Games can set up underlying smart contracts to react to specific in-game events, which can result in updates to a player’s NFTs.  It’s true. By simply allowing one smart contract to subscribe and react to the events of another smart contract. 

Picture an in-game smart contract that is used to monitor player accomplishments. So, every time the player completes a noteworthy task, such as beating a boss, reaching a new level, etc., the smart contract generates an event that describes the accomplishment. Imagine a second smart contract is configured to respond to the accomplishments reported by the first smart contract. So, the Reactive Smart Contract (RSC) identifies an event that took place. It then performs predetermined tasks as rewards. 

This includes dynamically updating current NFTs. So, a gamer can start with a stone as a weapon and progress to a knife, then a sword, a revolver, and so forth. The idea is that your NFTs are no longer static. They change as you progress. That sounds fun!

Games can also program Reactive Smart Contracts to deploy other NFTs as rewards or bonuses to the player. This would depend on the player’s performance. For example, the player will receive a bonus NFT if he defeats a boss without incurring any health damage. This adds some form of spontaneity to Web3 games. 


Reactive Smart Contracts offer game developers a good chance to implement a game-changing feature to their games. The ability for NFTs to evolve is unheard of in today’s Web3 games. But that’s what Reactive Network offers with its Reactive Smart Contracts.  The core benefit is that it would improve the Web3 gaming experience in the following ways:

  1. Ownership
  2. It would enable cross-chain movement
  3. Allow players to participate in the in-game economy

And by the way, for those interested one of the best places to buy into PARSIQ’s Reactive Networks on BYDFi – token ticket $PRQ because you can get it without doing any KYC. It also allows Americans and Canadians to KYC and trade over 150 perpetuals trading pairs. If you’re interested, you can find the link in the description below.


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