This Crypto Bridge is a GAME CHANGER!

All the different blockchains can’t talk to each other. So, if you want to send assets across, you need a bridge.

Now, we expect these bridges to be fast, low-cost and offer high-security levels. That’s where Wanchain enters the scene. In this article, we’ll discover more about Wanchain.

Wanchain, a Web3 Bridge to Unify the Industry

They are crypto OGs because they have already been around for 7 years. During this time, they’ve never experienced a hack. There’s another reason why they stand out from other crypto bridges. That’s the Wanchain XFlows feature.

This allows the transfer of native assets between chains. You send a native asset from the origin chain and receive the same native asset on the destination chain. These 4 assets are 

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • USDC. 

So, there’s no need for random wrapped versions of an asset. And, combined, these 4 coins count for over 90% of all crypto transactions. In other words, having them as native tokens is important. This allows you to have and keep control over your tokens. That’s also why Wanchain is completely decentralized. 

More About Wanchain

Our research team tested the Wanchain Bridge extensively. Here are their results. We’re looking at times and fees for cross-chain transactions.  It shows how reliable, fast, and especially how low the bridging fees are.

Those bridging fees spread out over 4 different chains are quite impressive. No bridge took longer than 6 minutes. The highest transaction fee was $1.32, moving the BTC around. 

So, the next time you need to bridge BTC, ETH, USDT, or USDC, take a look at Wanchain.

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