The last Bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140. Odds are high that NONE of us who are living now will live to see that day happen. And how will you pass along your crypto if something happens to you?

What if, like most of us, you are the only crypto user in your household? How do you ensure those assets get to your loved ones? Most of us don’t think about these questions.

But ONE decentralized data storage provider IS thinking about it and how to manage private keys for inheritance and estate planning. So today, we introduce you to the decentralized privacy-based data storage service of Serenity Shield and its flagship Strongbox service.

Serenity Shield and its Strongbox Service

Think of it as the Dropbox for Web3, and more. Now all of you know what Dropbox does. Serenity Shield is in the Web3 infrastructure and decentralized storage part of the market. The market where Filecoin, Arweave, and Storj are now. We love this sector and think it’s one of the best places to invest in crypto. So what’s the “…and more” part? Here they are:

  • Decentralized

As I said, it’s a decentralized service so you control your keys, access, and data. And we like that. We know most of you do too.

  • Privacy

There is a natural privacy aspect built into the storage and access to your data. First of all, Serenity Shield and its Strongbox are built on the Secret Network. So that means privacy first. Secret’s ecosystem is growing by the day and Serenity Shield is just one more useful protocol.

  • Working Product out of the Box

If there’s one thing we see across all projects in crypto other than Bitcoin, it’s talk of what the app or protocol will do in the future. We hear it in Bitcoin too, in terms of growing its value past the market value of gold or global use as the digital money of the internet. But most protocols have teams, tokens, and hype, but no product.

Serenity Shield decided to reverse this trend and build during the bear market. But they are NOT releasing their token until after they have a working product. And now they do, as of November 22nd where the mainnet is live and you can try out the StrongBox product for yourself.

With a live product, there’s less reliance on hoping the roadmap of the next 6-12 months comes to pass. And there’s more reliance on trying, editing, and improving the product so it can attract more users.

This was a conscious decision by the Serenity Shield team and we like that they are showing value first before asking you to buy their token and just trust that they can deliver. They’ve delivered good value already.

  • Inheritance Planning

This one is so important I’ll be talking about it in more detail in a second. However, the data structure and storage of the Strongbox product will make crypto estate planning easier. More on this in a second.

  • No Reliance on IPFS

IPFS is good for lots of things in terms of file storage. Most of the NFT market relies on it and Filecoin uses it exclusively. Serenity Shield built their decentralized file storage system. They are going through the patent process for their tech right now. That alone could make the project much more valuable than it is today upon approval.

Inheritance Planning Built-in

When you create your own Strongbox account, what you are doing is minting an NFT that holds the keys and metadata for your Strongbox and reserving your space within Serenity Shield’s network. The company has a big emphasis on crypto estate planning for retail users like us.

The way it works is that the viewing key on the Secret Network, which allows you to see the information you are storing in your Strongbox, is split into 3 different keys. No one key allows full access for security purposes. It’s like a multi-signature setup. Here is where the 3 keys go:

  1. The user gets one.
  2. The user’s nominee gets one. This could be spouse, business partner, child, investment adviser, etc.
  3. Secured in the Serenity Shield Vault.

This is all done through smart contracts and the nominee key is activated only when certain parameters are set. You need 2 of the 3 keys to open the account.

For example, for estate planning purposes, you might set the smart contract not to activate the nominee key until the user key is inactive for 6 months. Since death or full incapacity are the likely reasons you wouldn’t go into your account for 6 full months, this is a sensible way to do estate planning.

Then the info in the Strongbox, which could include private keys, wallet passphrases, and other crypto information as well as other important documentation is available to your nominee for your spouse, children, or other beneficiaries. I know that’s technical stuff. But think of it this way.

If you didn’t log into Twitter FB or Instagram for 6 months, that’s likely a sign that something happened. But FB won’t do anything about that. Yet, a smart contract can if it’s written with these parameters in mind. And remember, all this from the minting to the smart contracts is done with privacy in mind using Secret Network and Findora (coming soon), another chain focusing on privacy.

Token Launch & Listing

With an IDO listing going now and a CEX listing coming in a couple of days, you are super early in this project. And as I said earlier, unlike many crypto projects, you aren’t betting on Hopium. They have a live product out there in mainnet that you can try. We have a great offer for the Strongbox service coming up in a second.

The first major CEX listing is happening too. On Monday the 18th, the $SERSH token will go live on Their IDO is now on the ChainGPT Pad and Enjinstarter in case you want to get your tokens that way and avoid using a CEX. Although registration on Enjinstarter has closed. Decubate and Poolz have IDOs for $SERSH too.

And now for the great offer to use the Strongbox service. It’s like the Web3 version of Dropbox and could take off just as Dropbox did. If you like what you’ve heard and want to try it out, Serenity is offering the Strongbox service FREE for 6 months. That includes the NFT mint that creates your Strongbox account for you to store your data. Click on the link and try it FREE today.

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