Top 10 Projects in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Bitcoin has seen a massive increase in price during the last few weeks. This resulted in a 144% increase over the last year. Last week it hit $44,200, a price it hadn’t seen since April 2022.

With the price increase, we also see a flourishing Bitcoin ecosystem. So, we take a closer look at the top 10 Bitcoin projects that outperformed their funding goals this year.

1) Babylon

Babylon is all about staking BTC. So, although Bitcoin is a PoW chain, Babylon offers PoS staking. You lock your BTC on the Bitcoin network. This allows you to secure PoS chains. If the speaker attempts to attack the PoS chain, there’s a slashing system in place. 

There’s no need for third-party trust or bridging. Locking your BTC with Babylon is non-custodial. This allows you to validate PoS chains. The reward is in tokens of the chain you stake with. They raised $18 million.

2) UniSat Wallet

The UniSat Wallet allows you to not only store BTC but also ordinals and BRC20 tokens. This is important since Ordinals and BRC20 tokens are Satoshi’s with an inscription. You don’t want to accidentally send an inscribed Satoshi to somebody. These may have a high value.

It’s a comprehensive wallet with an easy-to-use UI. It’s a noncustodial and open-source wallet. Furthermore, the team is looking for $50 million in funding.

3) Bioniq

Bioniq makes it simpler and easier to interact with Ordinals and NFTs on the Bitcoin chain. It’s an NFT marketplace. It offers good and in-depth explanations of, for example:

  • Inscriptions.
  • Storage.
  • Trading.
  • Managing your Ordinals.

The platform transactions are fast and gasless without network fees. The wrapping of BTC/Ordinals is secure. Their funding round has not been disclosed yet.

4) Saturn

On Saturn, you can trade Satoshis. The platform uses a noncustodial orderbook for its P2P (peer-to-peer) trading. You can swap and trade safely and directly. It allows you to remain in full control of your assets.

Saturn accepts two wallets, Xverse, and the earlier-mentioned UniSat. To date, they raised $500,000 on 29th November. The lead investor for this pre-seed round was Big Brain Holdings. The picture below shows their orderbook.


Source: Saturn

5) Taproot Wizards

Taproot Wizards found inspiration in the early Bitcoin days. That’s when the Bitcoin Wizard meme was a thing. The platform minted 2121 Wizards, as a homage to 21 million BTC.

Their mission is to make Bitcoin magical again. You can create and share ‘Magic Internet JPEGs’. Standard Crypto managed to raise $7.5 million for them in a funding round. This was in mid-November 2023.

6) Darewise

Darewise is part of Animoca Brands. That’s one of the biggest Web3 gaming companies. They are building a metaverse on the Bitcoin chain. This includes online games. For example, their ‘Life Beyond’ sci-fi game on Unreal Engine 5.

In short, this makes for stunning visuals. Their token will power their whole universe and platform after TGE. The Life Beyond Studios raised $3.5 million in a funding round.

7) OrdinalsBot

OrdinalsBot makes it easy for you to inscribe Satoshis. As a result, they become ordinals. It’s as easy as uploading a file, as their website states. Their UI is user-friendly, and they support various file formats.

Their pricing is very competitive as well. Instead of using hours to make it work, with OrdinalsBot you can inscribe in under a minute. The team managed to raise $1 million in a seed round. The picture below shows their UI.


Source: Ordinalsbot

8) Stroom Network

Stroom Network is all about liquid staking on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. You can issue a wrapped Bitcoin, lnBTC, on Ethereum. In return, you receive yield. It keeps your Bitcoin liquid. So, you don’t need to lock up your Bitcoin or run a node, with all associated infrastructure. Greenfield Capital led a seed round and raised $3.5 million for them in late August 2023.

9) Xverse

Xverse is a Bitcoin wallet for web3. It allows you to generate NFTs on the Bitcoin chain. Explore the world of Ordinals, BRC20, Rare Sats, STX, and more on Bitcoin. It’s available as a mobile phone app and also for Chrome as a desktop version.

It supports the Ledger hardware wallet as well. Jump Crypto led a seed round for them and raised $5 million in August 2023.

10) Sovryn

Sovryn lets you lend and borrow on the Bitcoin chain. It brings DeFi into the Bitcoin realm.  You can get low-interest loans on margin.

Use their Bitcoin-backed stablecoin Sovryn Dollar (DLLR). In October 2022, General Catalyst raised $5.4 million in a funding round. Here’s a short video explanation of Sovryn.


Bitcoin is gearing up for a rally and a bull market. So, we looked at 10 up-and-coming projects in the Bitcoin ecosystem. They managed to get good funding for their projects. So, something to keep an eye out for.


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