Top projects on COSMOS for Crypto's Next BULL RUN

At Cosmos, interoperability is the name of the game. Easily move across chains to get what you want. But those chains have to have something you want right? 

Otherwise, this message of moving across chains fast and easy is worthless. But there are some great projects at Cosmos. Not just good. Great. And here are 3 of them.

1) Akash

The intersection of crypto and AI is a big topic for us in recent videos. We see both as huge mega-trends that will only grow from here. Both separately and together. One thing even non-techies seem to understand about AI is that you need A LOT of computing power to use it.

Especially for rendering images. And one of the biggest sources of computing power is GPU chips. It’s why NVIDIA is a high-flying stock now. In the crypto world, the top project for buying, selling, or renting GPU chips for AI rendering is Akash.

It’s probably no surprise to you that Akash has been a high flyer in the last year. It’s up 250%. But you haven’t missed the boat on this one. In fact, the all-time high of the AKT token is $8.07. At its current price of $1, the current all-time high is 9x from here.

With a circulating supply of 220 million and a total supply of 388 million, there is no artificial supply overhang happening here. But there is more growth likely. It’s a simple question. Do you think AI will continue to grow for the next few years? I do. And AI and crypto are great friends. Each will help the other grow. And when AI grows, Akash will grow.

Do you have a favorite AI project? Let us know in the comments below.

2) Kujira

Our next cosmos project is Kujira. Kujira is a DeFi ecosystem based on real yield. This means they only pay yield based on the platform fees they earn. No unrealistic and crazy returns. But for those of you who don’t know the story, one of the reasons why not just me, but lots of us at Altcoin Buzz like Kujira has to do with the troubled platform Terra Luna.

Kujira started as part of the Luna ecosystem. It was doing its thing and it was good. That’s how it first got onto our radar. Then the UST depeg and Anchor implosion happened. And what did Kujira do?

They did one of the fastest pivots EVER by a crypto project and went from an app in a non-credible ecosystem to launching its own Layer 1 on Cosmos. And it only took about 6 months for them to do this. And that is FAST. But it’s more than just fast. It’s a sign of good decisions, good governance, and the resiliency of the development team.

More About Kujira

They were able to see the playing field for what it was at the time. Something they did not have to be a part of or be associated with. And worked quickly and well to change it. For some of us who are specifically on the Altcoin Buzz Youtube team, this was enough to show us that the downside risk of betting on these guys is small.

Very, very small. They understand the market very well and where they fit into it. And despite the recent price rise of its native token to $1.44, it’s a screaming bargain at these levels. How many projects aside from Bitcoin really, can you honestly say, you’ve seen how well the dev team reacts to terrible news and actions that don’t have anything to do with them?

Well with Kujira, we’ve seen. And the way they reacted inspires confidence. It’s as simple as that.

3) Injective

You know we scout out for quality new projects all the time. But you’ve also heard us say just because it’s new, doesn’t make it better. This is especially true for L1 projects. There are so many Layer 1s out there. What’s unique? What’s different? Why use your chain instead of the many other Layer 1s out there? Well, Injective has the answer to that.

As a financial appchain, Injective operates with what financial firms need at the top of their minds. All their technology choices are based on what financial firms need most. And what they need are fast transactions and top security.

Aside from that, appchains are something different too. There are a couple of financial appchains out there. Injective is the best one though. And it’s very different from a general-purpose chain like Ethereum or Solana. Those have to have access points and an SDK anyone can use. That’s because Ethereum gets more adoption when more apps build on it. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a Uniswap or OpenSea or some game. It benefits from all 3.

Not so with Injective. Finance and traders will want one thing while real-world asset platforms will want something else. The financialization of assets is the point they have in common. And Injective is optimized just for that. Injective is up 37% in the last 30 days up to $9.80. And you may think you’ve missed the boat on this one.

But you haven’t. Its native cosmos token is still down 60% from its all-time high and it’s about 2.5X just to get to that level at $24.89. And we expect it to shoot well past that once there is a confirmed new bull market.

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