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PARSIQ has been one of the game-changing blockchain platforms in 2023. The project helps developers create unique Web3 apps. These apps can transfer on-chain and off-chain data in real-time. PARSIQ works with several blockchains and has over 50,000 users.

In simple terms, developers leverage PARSIQ to:

  • Connect their blockchain DApps to devices,
  • Track the changes on the blockchain.
  • Build custom events from smart contracts,
  • Create DeFi applications,
  • Build automated bots.

The team recently released its Q3 report. The report showed the huge progress made between July and September. Notably, PARSIQ saw an impressive 31% increase in revenue. Now, let’s look at the updates.

The Reactive Network

In September, PARSIQ unveiled an important tool for developers called Reactive Network. The tool features “Reactive smart contracts”. As its name implies, this groundbreaking smart contract reacts to on-chain events. This means they can execute specific programs if certain events take place on-chain.

The Reactive smart contracts change how developers build dapps. It enhances smart contract capabilities and cross-chain functionality. This paves the way for new opportunities in Web3. As well as the future of blockchain.

The Reactive network supports features such as

  • smart liquidity management,
  • automated portfolio rebalancing.

In addition, it will simplify interactions across different blockchain ecosystems.

The Launch of the PARSIQ SDK

One of the outstanding events within the PARSIQ community in Q3 was the launch of the PARSIQ SDK. The tool helps manage and analyze large-scale blockchain data using Tsunami APIs. It features several tools that make it easy to use. This includes:

  • easy-to-use state storage,
  • customizable settings,
  • support for different Data Lake types.

Interestingly, the PARSIQ Tsunami API is available on Polygon’s zkEVM. The tool provides quick access to historical and real-time data. This makes it easier for projects to optimize their operations.

Also, the team also extended PARSIQ’s TsunamiAPI to the opBNB Chain! So, developers can access real-time and historical data. This provides support for their upcoming projects.

Community Updates in Q3

Community development is one of the core visions of the PARSIQ team. And the team had some events connecting partners and the community in Q3. This includes a partnership with Thrill Labs. The collaboration seeks to explore new opportunities and expand their network. The partnership allows Web3 projects and developers to access data to build.

PARSIQ also joined a community call with Metis and Tethys Finance in Q3. The goal is to discuss Web3 and innovation in the crypto space. Also, the team held an insightful AMA with Altcoin Buzz.

PARSIQ continued its bid to expand its community in Q3. And announced several strategic partnerships with Web3 companies with similar visions. One of their new partners, Hera Finance, is a leading DeFi platform. The platform seeks to ease the flow of cryptocurrencies.

PARSIQ also announced a partnership with Uniblock in Q3. Uniblock assembles different tools to help Web3 investors and developers build. Developers can leverage both platforms to build and scale without. 

In September, the PARSIQ team took things a step further. They announced a partnership with Alibaba Cloud Services. PARSIQ’s Tsunami API became the first blockchain data indexer on the Alibaba Cloud marketplace. Alibaba is the largest Cloud Marketplace in the world outside the US (Amazon, MSFT, Google).

Q3 ended with another partnership with Hong Kong-based Cyberport. These partnerships reflect PARSIQ’s ambitions to expand its community. And increase its value.


PARSIQ stayed busy throughout Q3. And it spent most of the quarter improving its community experience. The team was at several community events throughout Q3. See the image below for a list of some of the events.

As mentioned earlier, PARSIQ saw huge growth in revenue in Q3. And we can say that’s all thanks to its community-focused approach. The team has already begun taking steps in line with its goals in Q4. And we’ll provide you with that update at the end of this quarter.


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