top 3 sei projects

Retailers will get into SEI now, and the whales will dump on them.

Whenever such a protocol (Layer 1, Layer 2) emerges as a clear favorite, we look into its ecosystem and pick winners. Here are the top 3 SEI ecosystem projects that are worth keeping an eye on. If you like this kind of content, you can subscribe to Altcoin Buzz Alpha.

1) Astroport

Astroport is the leading DEX on Sei. It emerged from the fallen Luna ecosystem and has gotten back on track. Currently, Astroport has 171 trading pairs available. Astroport also allows other dapps to integrate its liquidity directly into their platforms. So, traders across multiple chains access each other’s liquidity.

  • Coingecko:
  • Social activity – High.
  • Development – good.
  • Audit – done, good.
  • Tokenomics – okay | 423M circulating and 1.1B total supply.
  • Red flag – Low volume and liquidity and the token contract is still in Terra.

2) Pallet Exchange

Pallet Exchange is a Sei-native NFT marketplace. This exchange recently had its first $1 million volume day, indicating the strong interest in NFTs on Sei. Pallet showcases popular NFT collections, like The Colony, WE Bump, andSeiyans. These collections recorded impressive trading volumes.

Source: Pallet

Here are some important indicators to consider:

  • Social activity – High.
  • Development – not available to review.
  • Audit – none.
  • Tokenomics – token not announced yet, possible airdrop.
  • Red flag – Protocol success depends on the success of SEI.


3) Levana Protocol

Levana Protocol is a crypto-collateralized perpetual swap platform. It offers high yields and low fees on different blockchains. Levana is currently deployed on 3 chains: Osmosis, Sei, and Injective.

Here are some important indicators to consider:

  • Coingecko:
  • Social activity – Low.
  • Development – Slow, okay for a perpetual dex.
  • Audit – done, good, minimized LP hacks.
  • Tokenomics – bad | 39M circulating and 1B total supply.
  • Backed by – Delphi, Animoca – excellent.
  • Red flag – Levana was hacked in December, draining $1.1m – The team has resolved the issue and reimbursed affected LPs.


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