Top 5 Twitter Accounts to Learn About On-chain Research

The crypto world gathers at the social media watering hole, and Twitter is the hotspot for the freshest news and crypto wisdom. Diving into the wisdom shared by top on-chain research entities on Twitter is a stellar approach for those seeking practical insights to up their decision-making game.

Similar to how a carefully curated Twitter feed can provide a competitive advantage in the crypto market, choosing the right accounts to follow is crucial, as following misguided sources may lead you astray.

Considering the depth and precision of insights and analyses, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 accounts specializing in on-chain research to follow on X, formerly known as Twitter.

1. LookOnChain

First on our list is LookOnChain, an on-chain research platform delivering on-chain data and valuable insights. Boasting an impressive 284K followers and a prolific track record of over 5000 posts, LookOnChain is leveraged by many.

The account is highly active, posting multiple blockchain insights daily, ensuring followers remain well-informed about the latest developments and trends within the blockchain space. LookOnChain posts insights after monitoring whale wallets and activities, CEX data, and blockchain and smart contracts data.

Undeniably, LookOnChain has garnered acclaim for its adept tracking of smart money on the blockchain. Its ability to decipher and interpret transactions makes it a trusted ally for anyone keen on monitoring the moves of influential web3 entities, i.e., smart money.


Notably, LookOnChain operates exclusively on Twitter and does not maintain a website. This Twitter-native approach makes it hard to find detailed information beyond its Twitter activities. Nevertheless, LookOnChain has carved a distinctive niche on the social media platform. And despite the limited external information, the account’s substantial following and influence highlight its undeniable impact.

2. BubbleMaps

BubbleMaps is an on-chain analytics tool specifically tailored for tokens and NFTs. Alongside its on-chain capabilities, the tool maintains an active Twitter presence where it regularly shares insights on various projects and scenarios, thoroughly investigated by its in-house researchers utilizing the platform.

BubbleMaps’s user-friendly and visually appealing design enables a brisk grasp of on-chain data. Users can delve into wallets, uncover connections, and cut through the complexity of blockchain data effortlessly.

It is a time-saving alternative to traditional on-chain investigations, as BubbleMaps’ visual representations offer an immediate understanding of token supply distribution. BubbleMaps can provide valuable information, including:

  1. Distribution of a token’s supply.
  2. Relationships between funding addresses.
  3. Fund management by the project team.
  4. Early indications of a token planning a rug pull.

Compared to examining individual transactions in blockchain explorers, BubbleMaps aggregates historical data, presenting it in a manner that offers a broader context for analyzing blockchain addresses and transactions. It enables users to identify any red flags associated with a token quickly. Here are five types of red flags detectable using BubbleMaps:

  1. Unlocked wallets with potential for asset liquidation.
  2. Wallet splitting strategy, observed in cases like Babycare on BNB Chain, where it stole $500k from investors through simultaneous sales from multiple wallets.
  3. Wash trading, a tactic to inflate volume and attract investors is commonly found in the NFT market.
  4. Botted token launches.
  5. Deceptive tokenomics.

Moreover, BubbleMaps frequently shares such data on Twitter. By incorporating graphic visualization and interactivity, the tool enhances the capabilities of blockchain explorers, streamlining research for its users. Additionally, BubbleMaps offers a restricted but free version, enabling even those with a limited understanding of on-chain analytics to gain valuable insights into token supply distribution.

3. Arkham

Arkham Intelligence is a pioneering on-chain analytics platform tackling the challenge of data transparency and complexity within blockchains. The platform empowers users with tools to delve deep into supported blockchains, utilizing artificial intelligence to process, classify, and present a spectrum of on-chain data.

Arkham’s operational process begins with the collection of both on-chain and off-chain data, including pseudonymous addresses, transaction histories, and smart contract specifics. The subsequent step involves transforming raw data into usable information, achieved through a fusion of engineering expertise, data science, and machine learning to classify pseudonymous data into identifiable “entities.”

Moreover, employing machine learning heuristics, Arkham refines its data classification, enhancing its ability to match pseudonymous entities with real-world counterparts through pattern recognition. Meanwhile, Arkham Intelligence boasts several standout features, such as Arkham Dashboard, Arkham Visualizer, Arkham Token Pages, Arkham Private Labels, and Arkham Oracle.

Furthermore, Arkham’s ambition to deanonymize the blockchain is evident in its Arkham Intel Exchange marketplace. This feature introduces an incentive layer by allowing users to place ‘intel bounties,’ facilitating the correlation of off-chain and on-chain data to reveal the real-world identities behind wallet addresses.

Nevertheless, Arkham Intelligence faced criticism, particularly with introducing “Dox-to-Earn” through the Arkham Intel Exchange marketplace. The crypto community expressed concerns about potential misidentifications and the exposure of private crypto investments.

In April 2023, Arkham Intelligence faced scrutiny after an alert, later defended by the company, allegedly caused a 7% drop in BTC prices. The incident highlighted the delicate balance between transparency and anonymity in crypto.

With a substantial following of 331.3K on Twitter, Arkham’s page is a hub for on-chain intel, whale movements, intriguing transactions, and educational content.

4. Scope Protocol

Scope envisions democratizing and decentralizing access to both Web2 and Web3 data. Currently, this data undergoes processing by various entities without a standardized approach, requiring high technical or industry expertise for meaningful analysis. 0xScope addresses this by offering a transformative approach to data processing, utilization, and perception.

With Scope, users can track all addresses associated with any address of interest, eliminating the complexities of data analysis.

The platform adopts a dual strategy. Firstly, it establishes an open-source data layer, enabling users to upload, verify, process, and download Web2 and Web3 data. Simultaneously, it develops analytical tools on this layer, showcasing possibilities to developers and paving the way for creating robust community-driven dapps.

Meanwhile, Scopescan, previously known as Watchers, is the first product powered by the 0xScope Knowledge Graph. Serving as an on-chain data analytics platform, Scopescan allows the creation of real-time profiles (entities) with meaningful connections.

Besides, Scopescan and 0xScope maintain active Twitter accounts, with Scopescan posting insights more frequently. These accounts regularly share on-chain data, providing insights and alerts on various transactions conducted by whales, projects, and DAOs.

5. PeckShieldAlert

PeckShield stands at the forefront of the blockchain security industry and is one of the OGs in the field. Founded in 2018 by former Qihoo 360 Chief Scientist Xuxian Jiang, with substantial backing from investors like Gaorong Capital, PeckShield has solidified its presence as a key player in blockchain security.

The team comprises seasoned security professionals and senior researchers from renowned security groups such as Qihoo 360, Microsoft, Intel, Juniper, and Alibaba. With team members based in Hangzhou, Beijing, and San Francisco, PeckShield has cultivated a wealth of experience and expertise.

Moreover, the company has forged strategic and long-term collaborations across the blockchain ecosystem, engaging with vital entities like blockchain infrastructure vendors, exchanges, crypto wallets, mining pools, DApp developers, and DeFi pioneers.

PeckShield has garnered industry attention for its discoveries, including identifying issues like the Ethereum smart contract BatchOverflow loophole. Furthermore, it has earned a place on the recommended vendor list for smart contract security audits and achieved a Top 3 ranking worldwide in the Ethereum Bounty Program.

Besides, leveraging decades of experience in vulnerability analysis, operating systems, and malware defense, PeckShield offers independent service brands such as DAppTotal and CoinHolmes.

Meanwhile, PeckShieldAlert, under the umbrella of PeckShield, consistently updates its X page with information about hacks, scams, rug pulls, and exploits involving various cryptos. With over 84k followers, PeckShieldAlert has become a leading source for the latest developments in blockchain security.

Following this page helps users avoid potential pitfalls and ensures they stay well-informed in the dangerous web3 landscape.


In crypto, staying ahead of the curve requires a keen understanding of market forces and access to reliable and insightful on-chain research. X, the social media hub for the crypto community, is a crucial platform for accessing the latest news and insights in web3.

Therefore, choosing the right accounts to follow on X is crucial for gaining a competitive edge. Stay tuned for more!

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