Top 7 Altcoins For JULY 2023

July is a very important month for many reasons: The US-SEC regulation scenario, the big funds filling ETFs, the Ripple-SEC lawsuit, and the beginning of the bull run are things that can make this month something very special.

In this article, you will discover 7 important altcoins that are ready to explode:

#1: BitTorrent (BTT)

BitTorrent is my first pick. This project has already been around since 2001. It’s a peer-2-peer file sharing protocol that lives on the Tron blockchain. The Tron Foundation bought this in 2018. That’s when it relaunched and began its blockchain life.

This is a new decentralized life with a PoS chain. So, you can stake the BTT token. Their big news is the upgrade to the V2.3.2 Gordon Mainnet. This launched on 26th June. This upgrade can cause a positive impulse on their BTT token.

Currently, the price of $BTT is $0.0000004825. It has a market cap of $459 million. There’s a 990 trillion max and total supply. Out of these, 951.4 trillion tokens already circulate.

#2: Tokamak Network (TON)

Here’s my second pick. It’s the Tokamak Network. It already had three test nets:

  1. Gabriel
  2. Natasha
  3. Darius.

Now it’s time for TON to launch their L2 mainnet on Ethereum. This will first include optimistic rollups. Later, zk-rollups will follow. As you may remember, zk or zero knowledge tech is currently super-hot. It allows you to prove something without revealing important information.

Since this announcement, the TON token has already seen green figures. The current TON price is $1.49. It has a market cap of $70.5 million. There’s an infinite max supply. The total supply is 50 million TON tokens. Out of these, currently, 47 million already circulate.

This is not to be confused with The Open Network’s TONCOIN with the same $TON symbol. This is a much smaller project.

#3: Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is one of the crypto OGs. It launched way back in 2011. It offers payment options and it uses a modified Bitcoin codebase. This gives it, for instance:

  • Cheaper and faster transactions compared to Bitcoin.
  • Retargeting for mining difficulty is faster.

It’s also referred to as silver compared to Bitcoin’s gold. Just like Bitcoin, it’s a PoW powerhouse. But, its big event is the halving that’s coming up. This is about to happen in early August. As a result, LTC has had its price soaring for over a year now. It’s up by 112.2% compared to a year ago.

The current price is $107.22. The market cap is $7.8 billion. It has a max and total supply of 84 million LTC coins. Out of these, already 73 million coins circulate.


The ARPA chain is about computation and privacy. Add to this data storage, scalable off-chain transactions. They launched their mainnet on 21st June on Ethereum.

Here are some features this offers, for instance,

  • Privacy-preserving identity management systems. 
  • Multi-party computation tools. 
  • Decentralized voting systems. 
  • Signature middleware for secure atomic swaps. 
  • Staking launched on 27th June.
  • Integration with other EVM-compatible chains and layer-2 solutions. 

So, as you can see, plenty of improvements. That shows us a current ARPA price of $0.054344. In the last year, the token is up by 45%. It has a market cap of $53.3 million. The max and total supply are 2 billion ARPA tokens. Out of these, 982.1 million circulate.

Do you know any of these projects and do you hold their tokens? Here’s my next pick, a well-known project on Altcoin Buzz.

#5: Cosmos Hub (ATOM)

The Cosmos Hub and its ATOM token are Altcoin Buzz faves. On 21st June, we saw the Epsilon update.

This saw a few changes and updates to some important features. For example,

  • The IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol), upgraded to V4.4.
  • The Cosmos SDK library saw an upgrade, to v0.45.16-ics 

Furthermore, 2 more new chains will join Cosmos in July. Stride (liquid staking) and Duality (orderbook DEX). You may see some airdropped tokens from these two chains as well.  Over one year, ATOM is 11% up. Its current price is $9.78. Atom’s market cap is $2.86 billion. There’s an infinite supply of tokens, and there are 292.5 million ATOM in circulation.

#6: Syscoin (SYS)

Syscoin is a layer 1 AND layer 2 solution. It combines the best of both worlds from Bitcoin and Ethereum. In other words, for security, it uses the PoW from Bitcoin. However, it’s also compatible with EVM. So, it has smart contracts and is scalable. 

The layer 2 solution is Rollux. The Rollux mainnet launched on 28th June. This is a NEVM or Network-Enhanced Virtual Machine. It allows you to migrate various Dapps, like DeFi projects or NFTs, from Ethereum to the Syscoin chain. As a result, it’s fast, cheap, and scalable. It’s also interoperable and uses zk-rollups.

The current price of SYS is $0.1257. During June, we noticed an increase in its price. It has a market cap of $90 million. The max supply is infinite. The total supply is 746.6 million SYS tokens. 716.4 million SYS circulate.

#7: Constellation Network (DAG)

The Constellation Network launched in 2017. It allows developers, for instance, with cryptography:

  • To Secure.
  • Validate.
  • And process data for all kinds of Dapps.

For this, it uses the Hypergraph Transfer Protocol or HGTP. So, this network is a layer zero, like Cosmos or Polkadot. They provide the fundamentals and other layer 1 chains build on top of them. Now they’re launching their IntegrationNet testnet. This is a new way to reward validators and get them more actively involved. The launch of this testnet is on 10th July.

The current price of the DAG token is $0.0338. It has a market cap of $97.6 million. There’s a total supply of 2.88 billion DAG tokens. Out of these, 2.88 billion tokens already circulate. During June, we saw green figures for DAG.

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