Top 7 Coins With 10-100X Potential in Q1- 2024 Part — 2

This is the second part of our 2-part series about the top 7 coins with 10-100X potential in Q1.

This also sees a renewed interest in IDOs and their coins. So, we’re taking a closer look at the next 3 coins with a 10-100x potential.

1) Devomon (EVO)

With Devomon we’re back to blockchain gaming. The vertical has a $682 billion market value prediction for 2030. Blockchain games want their part of that pie. Devomon is the first blockchain-powered anime brand. The protocol offers various gaming options.

This ranges from AAA mobile games to comics and merchandise. Devomon also offers a variety of features. For example:

  • GameFi — play games. Currently, the Callisto game in an alpha release is on offer.
  • NFTs — these come in the form of Evomons. 
  • Evoverse and Manga are coming soon.

Their IDO of the EVO token took place today on Gate and MEXC. The TGE (Token Generation Event) took place on Enjinstarter. The current EVO price seems stable at this time at $0.001819. It’s too early to have a market cap yet. GoinGecko mentions a fully diluted market cap of $500k.  However, there is a total supply of 275 million tokens. Below is a video of the blockchain game Callisto and its Alpha announcement.

2) ChopSui (CHOP)

With ChopSui we find ourselves back in the Sui ecosystem. ChopSui is a dashboard and leveraged yield strategy platform. That means we’re back in DeFi. Sui has been concentrating on gaming. However, it also has some good DeFi protocols under its wings. The SUI token saw a 65% price increase over the last 30 days.

With ChopSui you have the option to earn extra yield on your Sui ecosystem tokens. ChopSui offers various yield-earning options. For example,

  • Staking — with their native CHOP token and all other Sui ecosystem tokens.
  • Farming — stake CHOP in their pools.
  • Yield strategy options for experienced farmers.

In their deck, it says that CHOP is a deflationary token. The platform will use 50% of its revenue to buy back the native CHOP token. Each quarter, there will be a 10% supply burn. The CHOP IDO is currently live on Spores Network. The listing of the CHOP token will start on the 24th of January. The first listing will be on their native ChopSui swap.

3) Stratum Exchange

The Stratum Exchange offers deep liquidity on the Mantle network. Yesterday, the exchange had an FCFS IDO and EAO (Early Adopter Offering) sale. This took place on the Impossible Finance launchpad. Expect a STRAT token listing any time soon.

The Stratum Exchange offers low-slippage swaps and LP pools. The LP pools offer staking rewards. If you lock the STRAT token, you receive the veSTRAT token in return. You can lock your STRAT up for up to 52 weeks. The longer you lock them up, the more veSTRAT you receive. Holding veSTRAT allows you to vote on pool emissions. Now you can also vote and bribe and receive shares of the bribes and fees. The ve stands for voting-escrow.

The Stratum Exchange takes a new approach to the voting-escrow model. Andrej Crone inspired this with his Solidly and its ve(3,3) model. In only a week, this AMM managed to get a TVL of $2 billion. Solidly failed, partially because it was rushed. However, Stratum offers a more sustainable token model. It rewards long-term supporters. Stakeholders will see an incentivized fee generation.


This article wraps up our 2-part series of coins that can do a 10-100x. We also witness a renewed interest in IDOs. Here’s a link to Part-1. In this article, we looked at Devomon (EVO), ChopSui (CHOP), and Stratum Exchange (STRAT). All three had their IDO over the last 24 hours. This allows you to keep track of new listings and see if they can go 10-100x. This article found inspiration from this X thread.



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