Quantoz's $EURD on Algorand: Now in 30 EEA Countries

Quantoz has completed the passports of its Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license.

This enables the widespread availability of its Euro-backed stablecoin, $EURD, to all European Economic Area (EEA) member states.

Quantoz’s $EURD Expands: Now in 30 EEA Countries with Algorand

This widespread availability opens up new avenues for users across Europe, offering a stable and efficient digital asset pegged to the Euro. As a result, people and businesses can now transact seamlessly with $EURD.

A noteworthy aspect of $EURD is its design to be #MiCAR (Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation) compliant. This regulation, set by the European Union, aims to establish a comprehensive framework for the regulation of crypto-assets, ensuring investor protection and market integrity. By adhering to #MiCAR standards, Quantoz demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the highest regulatory standards in the rapidly evolving crypto space.

The Algorand blockchain, chosen as the platform for issuing $EURD, adds another layer of efficiency and scalability to the stablecoin. Algorand’s high throughput and low transaction costs contribute to a seamless user experience. This makes $EURD a viable option for various use cases.

As users gain access to a stable and regulated digital asset. So, the potential for increased adoption and integration of blockchain-based financial solutions becomes more apparent.

Quantoz’s achievement of completing the passports for its EMI license marks a crucial step towards a more inclusive and regulated digital financial ecosystem in Europe.

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