Top Cryptocurrencies to Watch in September

August is fast coming to an end, and some cryptocurrencies performed beyond expectations. However, others simply went below what we all expected. For example, August wasn’t the best of months for Bitcoin and BNB. But, as we know, the crypto market is highly volatile, so dwindling performance is expected.

Regardless, with September 2023 fast approaching, there are cryptocurrencies we believe could perform incredibly well. In this article, we’ll show you four cryptocurrencies to watch out for in September.

1) INJ

The Injective Protocol addresses some of the common issues that developers and users face in the market. For example, the project was designed with a familiar layout and set of features so anyone could easily navigate it.

Injective’s progress became noticeable in 2022. In addition, one of the appeals of the Injective Protocol is the impressive price performance of its INJ token. A second strength of this project is that the team hasn’t stopped building.

So, Injective is a Layer 1 that’s part of the IBC. Aside from being super-fast, the protocol doesn’t charge any gas fees. In addition, the Injective Protocol provides yield generation and cross-chain trading. 

Another impressive feature of this project is its emphasis on interoperability. Injective is interoperable with some of the most prominent chains, such as:

  1. The Cosmos ecosystem through the IBC.
  2. Solana
  3. Polygon
  4. Ethereum

The Injective Protocol has a really clear roadmap. We predict that there will be a positive price movement for the INJ token in September due to the outlined upgrades. There are a couple of upgrades outlined in the Injective roadmap that will improve the platform. The scheduled upgrades include

  • Carcosa Upgrade
  • Mesh Chain Network
  • Multi VN Chains
  • Volan Upgrade

Finally, the token release for INJ will end in Q4. So, that’s another reason to stay super bullish on this project.

2) AKT

We’ve talked about the Akash Network a few times in recent months. And that’s because the project is showing good signs and has strong fundamentals. Akash is simply a decentralized cloud computing marketplace. It provides developers with a solution to create decentralized applications with a flexible and cheaper cloud-based infrastructure.

The Akash Network is compatible with regular cloud service providers. But its distinguishing factor is that it places control in the hands of the developers. In addition, Akash has the potential to be a highly lucrative investment because of its role as a decentralized cloud computing service. 

Akash has several appealing features, one of which is its GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) marketplace. This service is an essential tool for AI hosting. Akash Network uses its decentralized cloud service to offer a platform where people and companies can rent out their unused GPU resources to others, especially AI researchers and developers. 

There’s massive potential in investing in Akash Network, as it is leading a major shift in cloud computing, thanks to its decentralized design and the rising demand for safe, open, and cost-effective cloud solutions. There’s been a lot of partnership and development going on in this project. And we believe that this will all lead to more adoption and utility in the long term.

Data from CoinGecko shows that the market sentiment for the Akash Network token is bullish. About 84% of users are currently feeling good about the project.


Unibot is a Telegram bot that supports trading crypto tokens on Uniswap v3 from the Telegram app. The Unibot platform’s main strength is its speed, which is driven by its robust infrastructure and advanced algorithms.  

Some of the tools available on UNIBOT include 

  • A fast Buy and Sell platform. 
  • Mirror Sniper: This enables users to copy the trades of other wallets. 
  • a token launch channel that offers real-time information on new tokens. 
  • Wallet management.

According to CoinGecko, there’s a bullish sentiment around the UNIBOT token. So this token is one to watch out for in September.

4) DAG

Constellation is one of the projects that has gained impressive market momentum since its launch. It serves as a DeFi ecosystem and a decentralized data marketplace that offers different ways to get passive returns. Constellation already has a list of notable partners, such as the US Air Force, Amazon Web, KuCoin Exchange, and Chainlink (LINK).

Among many things, the Constellation network focuses on improving scalability using a new consensus mechanism. In addition, Constellation provides faster transactions with quicker finality compared to most DeFi platforms. 

At the center of Constellation’s performance is the directed acyclic graph architecture, which enables the network to acquire storage space from a number of sources, enhancing performance and lowering congestion. Constellation’s focus on scalability means its DAG token is worth monitoring ahead of the bear market.

That’s it for our list of cryptocurrencies. As we often say, this list is not investment advice. We’d encourage you to do your own research. That said, we published a second part containing a separate list of cryptocurrencies for September.

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