Unlocking LUKSO's Pro Pass: Exclusive Benefits and Discounts

The Pro Pass, offering major marketplace fee discounts, is crucial for dedicated users invested in the platform’s future.

LUKSO’s Pro Pass is not just a tool for saving on fees but also a testament to the holder’s commitment to the platform. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Pro Pass, its tiers, benefits, and how it enhances the user experience on our platform.

The Pro Pass Tiers and Discounts

The Pro Pass is distinguished by four tiers, each with its specific discount percentage and rarity. These tiers are randomly assigned during the minting process, adding an element of excitement and anticipation for the participants.

  1. Tier 1: Purple
    • Rarity: 50%
    • Discount Percentage: 35%
  2. Tier 2: Gold
    • Rarity: 30%
    • Discount Percentage: 50%
  3. Tier 3: Diamond
    • Rarity: 15%
    • Discount Percentage: 70%
  4. Tier 4: Ruby
    • Rarity: 5%
    • Discount Percentage: 90%

These tiers reflect the varying levels of engagement and investment users have with our platform, rewarding the most dedicated with the highest discounts.

Universal Page Customization, Exclusive Access & Feedback Opportunities

Beyond the marketplace fee discounts, the Pro Pass holders gain access to additional features for personalizing their Universal Page. These features allow custom domains, fonts, more style settings, and access to page stats. These features enhance user experience and control over platform presentation.

An added advantage of holding a Pro Pass (and for Genesis holders) is the early access to previews of major new features. This privilege lets holders preview and feedback on major updates before public release.

LUKSO’s Pro Pass Drop Details
  • Date: Friday, 16th February.
  • Time: 17:00 CET.
  • Price: 35 LYX (Genesis holders enjoy a 20% discount)

The Pro Pass marks a milestone, offering savings, customization, and exclusive access to dedicated users. The Pro Pass’s tiered system rewards user engagement with discounts, customization, and early feature access.


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