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Markets aren’t moving very much. Even a potential war in the Middle East is not moving things more than 1-2%. It’s the definition of complacency in the market. Nothing seems to move this market at the moment.

And what does that mean? It means some great projects are giving us a good entry price. Let’s look at 3 altcoins that are giving us another good buying opportunity including 2 we haven’t talked about in a long, long time.

1) Solana (SOL)

Solana is a little controversial for lots of reasons. Is it a VC chain? Yes. But does that mean they have the funds and backing to weather the storm if the bear market continues? Also, yes

Were they hurt by the FTX debacle and their relationship with SBF? Yes. But did they survive it so they can grow when the market comes back? Also, yes. Even within Altcoin Buzz, there are different opinions about Solana.

But we are going to look at this objectively. Every investment has a risk-to-reward ratio. And not just crypto. Stocks, real estate, investing in a business, everything. You’ve heard us talk about this ratio before. And in crypto, it can be tough to measure.

But one thing easier to measure is the risk side. What’s the downside risk? Of course, the total risk is going to zero where the token has no value and the project goes bust. And we’ve all seen examples of that.

More About Solana

Solana got hit with lots of bad news in this bear market. FTX, network outages, and more. And what was its low? So far, the bear market low for SOL was $9.60 in late December 2022. The current price? At the time of writing this article is $21.8. Can SOL go to zero? Yes. Any project in the industry other than Bitcoin can go to zero.

But what are the chances of this? With all the terrible news, $9.60 was the lowest Solana got. It would take a huge, unusual black swan event for SOL to pass this low and go lower. Some of FTX’s Solana holdings may go to market this quarter. That would only make it an even better buy than right now.

Our risk is way down on this one but with tons of potential upside. Even if you disregard the all-time high of $259. A 5x to $100 is absolutely possible. Rewards still look good for Solana while risk is way, way down. Thus, it’s on this list.

2) Polygon (MATIC)

It’s hard for us to think of Polygon as being undervalued or its accomplishments underreported. But that’s exactly what is happening. The MATIC token is becoming more valuable and useful. That’s the idea behind the change from MATIC to POL. You can use the coin across all its networks including zkEVM.

Contracts in POL are on testnet now. So it’s coming and soon. You will be able to stake POL in a much easier way than you can in MATIC right now. And yet since the announcement, what’s happened? Down. From 87 cents all the way down to its current 53 cents.

There is zero reason for this except for general market malaise and less activity and trading going on. And it’s way, way down from its all-time high just at the beginning of this bear market 2 years ago at $2.92. That’s almost a 6x from here just to get back to that high.

3) Kujira (KUJI)

And now, a project we like a lot, but don’t talk about too often. A good candidate for a $1000 investment this quarter is Kujira. Kujira is already a part of our 50x Master Portfolio. It has lots of things we like.

First, it’s a real yield protocol. What you earn is based on platform fees. And it’s growing in this tough market. Their Orca product is amazing. By the way, Kujira is whale in Japanese and Orca is a type of whale. And their mission statement is “Anyone can become a whale”. And they truly believe this.

One of our favorite platforms on Kujira is Orca. It lets you bid on loan liquidations at a discount. Before this, only whales and insiders could do this. So imagine getting KUJI or ATOM at a discount to the market because your bid wins.

It’s awesome. Second, it’s a Cosmos chain with built-in interoperability. We like that. Third, they have one of the most stable of crypto-backed stablecoins. USK is a stablecoin native to Kujira and it’s growing in importance. Other stablecoins including AxelarUSDC and NobleUSDC are available on Kujira and across Cosmos now too.

If you are like me, and you think DeFi is the future of financial services, then a few different apps and protocols come to mind. Certainly, Uniswap is one. But don’t miss out on Kujira. Kujira is building out exactly the type of DeFi services that people want and need.

Kujira is what we want financial services to look and feel like. And finally, it’s been trading in a range between 60 and 90 cents for most of the last 6 months. At today’s price of 73 cents, you have a nice entry point with a good risk/reward ratio.

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