Will THIS Be a HIDDEN CRYPTO Gaming Gem?

Get in early! How many times have I mentioned that? To get those 100x gains or more, you need to get in early with a project. Here is a perfect opportunity for you. IQ Protocol, the NFT rental platform, is launching its IQ token. This is as early as you can get into a project.

So, in this article, I’m going to explain the details of this token launch. Meanwhile, take a look at the IQ Protocol playlist of recent videos. I covered them a few times already.

What is the IQ Protocol Token (IQT)?

The IQ Protocol token, or IQT, will be the heartbeat of the protocol. It takes center stage for every single transaction on the marketplace and general interaction. In short, as the platform’s adoption and utility grow, so does the value of the token. 

There is a big narrative developing around Web3 gaming tokens. They’re going to be the catalyst for crypto’s next bull run.

This is why we are so stoked about the launch of IQ Protocol’s IQT token. Although it’s not a pure-play gaming token, you can consider it as one. 

Their team is already working alongside some of the biggest blockchain-based games. So, they already developed an expansive roadmap. This features, among others, robust tokenomics. There’s also a steady line-up of new integrations. 

It certainly feels like the IQ Protocol could be on the verge of something truly special. What’s more, is that, in my eyes, they are launching a token at the exact right moment in the market cycle. It feels like the first movers on this one will be set to enjoy a parabolic ascent. This could be the start of a bull run for the ages. There will be a total supply of 1 billion IQT. The team splits this up in five different ways:

  • Private Sales: 20% = 195m IQT.

6m cliff and 24m linear vesting. 

  • Team and Advisors: 15% = 150m IQT. 

6m cliff + 24m linear vesting.

  • Liquidity, Market Making, DEX LBP, Exchange listings: 12.5% = 125m.
  • Airdrops: 5% = 50m IQT.

6m cliffs for initial airdrop rounds. There will also be later airdrop rounds.

  • Foundation, Reserves, Ecosystem Growth: 47.5% = 475m IQT. 

A 5-year linear vesting period.

Cliffs here mean delays. So a 6-month cliff means no tokens go out to anyone over that entire period, and it delays the start of the vesting schedule too. Linear vesting means all unlocks will be the same size, so no unexpected increases in supply. A good policy to help holders.

Our team spoke with IQ Protocol about the token launch. They told us that the token launch is imminent. So, keep close tabs on their social media. 

The reason they’re not revealing where and when right now, is simple. It’s in your own best interest. Because:

  • This will avoid bots joining the launch. 
  • It should also keep copycats at bay.
Utility of the IQT Token

IQT has quite some utility to offer as well. The team doesn’t see IQT as only a token. They see it as your key to the huge opportunities their platform will bring to you as a user and investor.

The team wants to invite you to this future. It’s all about playing, engaging, and thriving. All this happens in one of the world’s biggest consumer markets. Blockchain gaming will make its mark in this market.

The boundaries between blockchain gaming and the rewards it can bring are blurred. It’s helping to drive adoption. But, but it also brings challenges to overcome. To accommodate gamers into the blockchain realm, IQ offers the chance to rent NFTs. So, they lift the hurdle of buying or owning the gaming assets. This makes blockchain gaming more accessible. The entry threshold lowers and participation grows.

This is also where the IQT token plays an important role. It’s the lifeblood of the platform. The more users it has, the more demand there is for the token. That’s why the token utility matters. Here are 2 reasons:

  • You can stake the token. You earn the IQT token as a reward. Staking also provides a revenue share from all rental transaction fees.
  • Receive the token as a reward for completing challenges. 

There’s also a burning mechanism in place. I always like to see deflationary tokens. With IQT, they burn tokens when the platform reaches new milestones and metrics.

Where Is the IQT Token Launch?

The IQT token launch will be on a DEX ONLY. This should benefit us since there will be no sell pressure from exchange tokens. All tokens allocated to VCs and the team have a lock-up period of 6 months. After that, there are linear unlocks for 24 months.

However, as I already mentioned, you can find the name of the DEX on their social media in due time. So, keep following their social media outlets, like X and Discord. This puts you in a prime position once they announce the launch. By not announcing the DEX name, the team tries to avoid bots. It also should see fewer scammers with copy launch sites.

Even once the token is live, the IQ team will be running multiple whitelisting campaigns. This covers the coming months. The team hasn’t revealed any details yet. However, this is an opportunity for anyone to win a sizable $IQT allocation. All you need to do is to stay active in the marketplace. Again, the best way to follow is through their social channels, particularly X and Discord.

So, get ready for this launch. This is your opportunity to be early! I would expect the launch within a couple of days of publishing this article. So, keep paying attention to IQ Protocol’s social media outlets.

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