If there’s one major complaint about DeFi, it’s fragmented liquidity. Instead of lots of liquidity to use to get good pricing fast, liquidity is spread out over many apps, platforms, and even chains. And that’s hurting people who use DEXes to trade and swap. RocketX has a solution to this.

You may have never heard of RocketX before. But if you trade and swap tokens across chains, you should know about them. Let’s see why.

Great DEX Aggregator Solution

First, I’ll explain if you are seeing this term for the first time. Right now, the best solution to liquidity all over the place spread out over different platforms is a DEX aggregator. They aggregate (or gather) liquidity and pricing from many apps to get you the best pricing for your desired swap. Two of the best are 1inch and KyberSwap, which we’ve featured here often.

Using them, you don’t have to search a zillion different DEXes on Ethereum or EVM to find the best rate to swap your coins.

And RocketX does all this. And more. First, it handles not only EVM chains but also:

  • It works on 113 networks so far.
  • It works on some traditionally difficult chains to swap into and out of like Bitcoin and Cosmos
  • You can track your trades easily with their explorer RVFScan making it easier to track for tax or other purposes
  • And 1-click swaps. More on this coming up.
Best of CEX and DEX Together

Before I get to the 1-click swaps, RocketX calls itself a hybrid aggregator. And that’s because it has the best of what CEX swapping offers AND DEX swapping.

The DEX swapping advantages I’ve mostly covered already but also include maintaining full custody and censorship-resistant transactions.

But RocketX offers the great features of CEX swapping too. Namely greater speed, better pricing, and deeper liquidity. And you can do all this without getting a CEX account at Binance or BYDFi yourself. The way this works is RocketX has accounts at many of the major exchanges. So when you are seeking a swap of USDC on ETH to buy BNB, the quotes you get from the aggregator process include big centralized exchanges. If they have the best price, then you swap using RocketX’s account on that exchange. No new exchange account or KYC or any nonsense for you. Just swap the coins you want at the best price available.

This is a big, new innovation in token swapping. The best of both CEX and DEX swapping options are available on the same platform.

1-Click Swaps

Lastly, this great one-click swap feature. First, you can swap into ANY wallet. You can also swap from one wallet to another. You need this for example if you want to go from USDT on BNB Chain to ATOM at the Cosmos Hub. You can connect both Metamask (or Rabby or Trust Wallet) and Keplr at the same time and swap from one to the other with just one click. It’s pretty awesome.

We have a video coming out soon about RocketX and we will show you how this feature works. But it works great and we are excited to share it with you. Try RocketX for a swap today and see how the user experience and prices compare to DEXes you already use.

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